Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Louise's Birthday Package!

Louise's Birthday Package!
Hey everyone!
In just a few more days, it will be my lovely pen pal, Louise's birthday and I got her some gifts.
First of all, I got her a lime green & gold bangle.
Another view of the bangle, it seems like nothing's special about it but take a closer look......

Look at words carved on the inner side of the bangle!
It says "Happy Go Lucky"!
 I thought this is such an unique bangle!
It's lime green which matches Louise's bubbly character and I really hope she will be happy and worry-less everyday.
That's why I got her the bangle!
The adorable box to store the bangle!
Another thing I got Louise, is the Paris-themed Calendar.
This is a practical gift and I really thought that this will be useful because after she is done with using the calendar, she can take the pictures out and frame it.

The photographs are really beautiful and the hue of the photographs matches Louise's bedroom.
Another page of the calendar.

I have included a birthday letter into the package and I hope Louise will like all the gifts I have gotten her.
Recent Photos:
One of my favourite corners in my bedroom!
Some of the fragrances I am using for this month with framed photographs on the back.
My dad painted the piggy bank for me when I was a child and I still love it!
It's super adorable!

Lunar New Year is nearing! These are my favourite LNY goodies!

Went jogging with my Bff on this beautiful morning.

Lunch at Burger King with my other Bff!

Have a lovely week!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sharing a tiny part of Singapore with you......

Laksa? I have mentioned it in that post.
It is one of my favourite foods in the world and it is "sort of" a local dish.
Why did I say "sort of"? It is because this dish is also available in Malaysia, Indonesia and some countries in Asia. There are different variations of this dish, I have no idea what other variations taste like but I like the ones in Singapore tremendously.
I really want to share with my international friends/readers/pen pals  this amazing dish
 but I cannot send them the piping hot ones right?
here it is!
Laksa Cup Noodles!
How convenient, just put in boiling hot water ,wait for 5 mins and voila!
It may not be as good as the ones we have in Singapore but I really hope that I could share this unique flavoured noodles with friends from all over the world!
Picture: Laksa cup noodle for Akiyo in Japan!
It is also my first cylinder-shaped package! It's super cute in my opinion!
(note: Love the 'fragile' washi tape as well!)
I really hope that Akiyo will like the noodles!
And if anyone is to visit Singapore in the future, you have to try it in our local hawker centres!
(P.s. Rmb when I told you guys about the issues
I have with uploading photos onto my blog? I googled about it and I realised I am not the only one who is having problems with uploading photos. I really hope that will solve the issues soon! T-T)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gladys's life update!

The first 15 days of January ...
What have I done?
I have finally graduated from my Secondary School, it's bittersweet to leave my school because it's like my second home. I really miss it even though it's not even six months since I left. Sometimes, I still wander back to my school, to help my juniors, to chat with my teachers and even just to do absolutely nothing.
I guess I am just the kind who likes to reminisce and go back to some places which makes me feel comfortable and assured.
Anyways, my job's contract have terminated therefore, right now I am staying home and doing things I like until I go to college in March. I am really exhausted, i felt like December just came and went. It's unpredictably fast and I totally missed out on Christmas! Thus, I am giving myself a long break. Usually, I am a workaholic/studyholic so I cannot imagine doing nothing. I will be really lost. The typical insane-life-planner Gladys have planned out what she will do during her break:
1) Send more letters!
2) Read more books!
3) Do some painting/drawing!
4) Do some embroidery!
5) Learn some new skills!
6) Do some exercise!
7) Do all the things above & save up (no splurging)!
Breathe in, breathe out~
Recent Photos:
Books I have bought recently and I planned to finish reading them soon!
Have anyone read any of them?
Cosmetic books by experts which I can get tips from.
Par Avion (Airmail) Washi Tape!
OMG! Did anyone know that this design exists?
It's a funny story how I "met" this tape.
I was fortunate enough that the mall which i was working at have 5 shops selling Washi Tapes (I know, it's heaven for stationeries lovers.). Thus, during one of my dinner breaks, I went to visit my favourite place that sells Washi Tapes, I was fumbling through the tapes to see if there's any new designs. After like five mins, I cannot find any which I like and I was about to leave when I saw this tape on the floor at a corner. Someone must have hid it but I found it!
It must have been fate!
I am totally in love with this design! <3
And here's another Washi tape!
This is another long story (but I'll cut it short) !
My colleague actually gave this to me, I was pleasantly surprised!
I haven't told any of my colleagues about my obsession with these tapes but coincidentally, my colleague gave this to me on my last day of work as she said I am the "art-and-craft" type of person so this may be handy to me.
Of course, I love it & I am really grateful for it!
The awesome meringue tart with lemon curd in it!
Drip Bag coffee from Japan, why do Japan always come out with such cool innovations?
I have no idea if anyone love Salsa dippings but I DO!
I am so obsess with this Tostitos Salsa!
It's spicy and with a hint of sourness, not lemon sour but it's just right.
  There's chunks of tomatoes and jalepenos in the tomato puree as well.
Good as appetiser along with some corn chips.
(It's a healthier alternative for snacks compared to potato chips too.)
Chinese Food with my best friend after attending a talk.
My favourite soup buns with 4 different flavours: Cheese, Foie Gras, Crab Roe and Original.
I have to say that the cheese flavoured ones are rather delicious.
We ate Red Bean souffles as well!
And of course, the comforting ramen with the soup stock which have been cooked for several hours,
Have a wonderful January everyone!

Outgoing Letters for January!

Hey everyone! Thanks to the really kind Lotte who helped me with my problems to upload the photos, I am finally able to upload some photos! I hope could really solve the problem soon to prevent any further inconvenience.  But anyways, here's my outgoing letters! There's a part 2 coming soon!
To Mollie in USA
To one of my favourite teachers whom have migrated to Australia
To Ga Yeon in Korea
To Karen in UK
A simple letter to my BFF, Kexin
With a "Best Friends" seal on the back of the letter.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hey people, I know I haven't been posting any posts recently,I am very frustrated with it! My blogger isn't working at all, I am unable to upload any photos onto my blog. Whenever I try to upload photos, the upload button disappears. It's so frustrating and I am trying to work things out so if anyone of you know what's happening, please help me. I am a computer idiot,really.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Breakfast for today :-)
Red Velvet cupcake and coffee.
Letter update post tomorrow~