Sunday, September 29, 2013

Outgoing Mail (September 2013)

Mail to the beautiful Michelle @seaweedkisses

A mini song book for Michelle! It's filled with my favourite playlists.
This is a good and inexpensive little gift for your pen pals! I really had no idea how I came up with these ideas but I thought my pen pals may love to know about the songs and things I like so I made these to share with them!
(Click on the photos to enlarge and view the details.)


What's your favourite song lyrics?

Mail to Kait @cafeetpapier
She's my new pen pal and a really lovely girl with endless of creativity too!

An introduction booklet made for Kait so she will get to know more about me!
And guys, I have to admit, I really love dancing secretly to Shakira and Ricky Martin's songs and pretend that I am a hot belly dancer which I'm not. Hehe.

Mail to Vera, my new Chinese pen pal!
Super excited because ever since I've graduated from Secondary School, I have lesser opportunities to write in Chinese and I really love my Mother Tongue language. So now I could write in Chinese again at least twice a month!
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Have a great September!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to blog!

Hello, it's been awhile...
How are you doing?
I hope all is well and I haven't been blogging for awhile now. I have been in my new school and semester 1 have officially ended! Currently, I'm enjoying my vacation! There are several things which I am working on right now.
Firstly, obtaining my driving license.
Secondly, about to be a volunteer at an educational event for children.
Thirdly, Watercolour Painting and Fabric Printing.
Lastly, Letter Writing.
All of these in a month and a half.
 I am still snail mailing and I've decided to start off my new post with my latest incoming mail from Michelle @seaweedkisses
Michelle is a really sweet pen pal and I always look forward to receiving letters from her.
This time round, she sent me 2 postcards,
Some goodies for my belated birthday (Yes, I have turned 18 in August!).

And I love this mini pocket/envelope especially, I will use it to put little photographs and keep it in my wallet and hopefully, Good Fortune will follow me (and you)! And it matches my
nail polish, doesn't it?

I will update you guys when I have more incoming and outgoing mail.
 Thank you for reading!