Friday, July 27, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

Hello people!
Like I've said, I've gotten the Liebster Blog Award, it was given by Bree to me, so Thank You Bree!

*The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have 200 followers or less.*

The word Liebster actually means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, & welcome.
Here're the Rules:

1. Each person must post 11 random facts about themselves
2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has given you and give 11 questions for the people you tagged
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post
4. Tell them you've tagged them
. Remember, no tag backs!

Gladys's Random 11 facts! 

1.Math is my worst subject but I don't hate it,in fact, I do love some of the topics like Matrices & Circles.

2.Self-confessed Bookworm.

3.I don't eat eggs (I eat it as long as I don't smell it or see its gross shells).

4.Turquoise,White and Gold are my favourite colours!

5.I like guys that play rugbies,Tennis and soccer!

6.I still have stuffed toys by my bed (& i <3<3<3 them).

7.My favourite presents to receive are books.

8.I collect earrings!

9.I love playing badminton, it feels so good to exercise!

10.My favourite pizza toppings are Spinach and portobello mushrooms!

11. I like branded goods like Chanel and someday I want to get my own flapbag!

Answers for Bree's questions:

1. Describe your feelings when you receive mail from a special pen pal.

A special pen pal? Hmm...all of my pen pals are special to me so I feel exhilarated when I get any letters even if it's just a postcard!

2 . What kind of sounds do you like listening to? (eg. rain tapping on the rooftop)

I like the sound of the church bells ringing at every end of the month.

3.What is your favourite song? Sung by whom?

Probably "More of You" by Mozella, i have no idea why but I just love that song!

4.How many languages can you speak?

Two. English & Chinese!

5.If you can afford to migrate and live in another country, which country will you pick and why?

I like Singapore a lot so I may not migrate but if I really do, AUSTRALIA is my answer.  Because there are hot guys surfing by the sunny beach! Because I heard that the people there are really nice and that there are many lovely shops in Australia!

6.Do you dream every night? Can you recall your favourite dream which you hope that it's REAL?

I don't dream every night, rarely does, I'm probably too tired to dream. But for daydreaming, I daydream like almost everyday! My favourite dream..Sorry, can't remember any!

7.Do you love being around with people or being alone?

I prefer being alone actually, I like quiet moments which I can reflect and do my own stuffs without people interrupting me.

8.Where will you go if you wish to have some quiet time alone?

I will go to my room when I am at home or the ladies when I need some time alone in school. (Yes, the ladies, in a cubicle where I can sit on the toilet bowl and reflect.)

9.Do you binge on certain food occasionally? If yes, what kind of food?

Of course I do binge on food! *Guilty smile* I like baked Doritos!

10.What is in your mind RIGHT NOW?

"Should I take a nap now?"

11.If you have the chance to choose your own superpowers, what kind of superpowers do you wish you have?



1. Which Celebrity would you like to date?
2. What's your favourite perfume?
3.What did you have for breakfast today?
4.Please use one word to describe yourself.
5.What's your favourite book? Why?
6.What names will you give your children? Why?
7.Who is your role model?
8.Who's one of your favourite bloggers?
9.What's the ideal gift you would want to receive?
10.Would you choose to have intelligence or beauty?
11.What's a question you are afraid that people will ask you?

The bloggers whom I'm tagging:

  1. Laura from Canada.
  2. Maria from Poland.
  3. Marian from USA.
  4. Tiia from Finland.
  5. Mariza from Netherlands.
  6. Yasmeen from USA.
  7. Katie from USA.

Alrighty, I really have no idea who to tag so I'll just tag 7 people!
But people whom I've tagged, do it when you are free and if you want to!


Okay so here's my Liebster Award Post! Finally! HOORAY~It's TGIF!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

4th week of July!


From Charlotte in Taiwan

From Katie in UK, she have sent me some fizzy candies!

From Katie in USA!

From Lacey in UK

From Kendra in the USA.
Look at the stamps she've sent me! Kendra is always so generous!
I love the stamps a lot!

The envelope of Kendra's mail.

From Mariza in the Netherlands!
She have sent me so much goodies!

What did she sent me?(:

Serviettes with desserts prints!

Some papers with  Netherland Cartoons prints. This cartoon seems to be really popular in the Netherlands but I have never heard or seen it before until Mariza sent it to me. Does anyone has any ideas of what cartoon is this?(:

A roll of deco tape.

More serviettes!

Tea and postcards and flags!

These two weeks,I've also received so many BEAUTIFUL

From my new pen pal,Maria of Poland!

From postcrossing!

From Postcrossing!
I am so glad to receive so many desserts and sweets postcards as I really love them!
Actually, on my postcrossing profile, I've listed that I <3love desserts postcard thus I'm getting so many of them! YIPPEE!

Next, it's a postcard swap with Laura in Canada!
Laura was really nice and awesome, I commented on her blog that I love the postcards she sent and she told me that she could send me any postcard I like! Thus, we did a swap! I hope you like the postcards I've sent you,Laura! And I love the ones you have sent me! Grazie mille!

I heart this one the most but I'm bias to postcard with book covers on it!
I'm indeed a bookworm, *sigh*...

And stickers!!!<3

I always tell myself how fortunate I am to always receive such lovely letters ,goodies and postcards  from friends all over the world. Think of how many miles these letters have come from! I'm really touched by how strangers trust one another and just after an email to exchange addresses, they pick up their pens, put the stamps on the envelope and then the letters go for a plane ride to the letter box of someone whom you have never met, someone whom you have never talk to... but someone you randomly trusted (: teehee!

Anyways, if anyone is interested in a postcard swap, feel free to contact me via email or leave a comment below! I've got some postcards to swap!
China pandas, some random cartoons, singapore ones, animes and some other random ones!


Alrighty! Now, allow me to ramble about my life!
 Recently, I was so depressed about MATH! Grr..! I always feel like a failure after a math test or solving some math questions (I salute to those who created all these insanely difficult questions, or perhaps it's actually not difficult. Maybe it's just me b'cos I am a math idiot.)
What do you guys do when you are sad and depressed?
For me, I need my bolster, my tears, my bed and a tub of Ben & Jerry's to rejuvenate and restore my energy level so I could carry on with my life.
But now I'm feeling a lot better already so don't worry (:

Oh and I've also bought a book from Ebay! It's actually a lot cheaper on Ebay as it is second-hand. It was my first time getting something from Ebay (yes, first time! Teehee!). It's actually about $6.00 cheaper than a brand new one which I think is quite reasonable. The book quality isn't too bad actually, just some folds and the edges of the book was coming off. But I used scotch tape to tape the edges and used a plastic wrap to wrap the book and now TADAH~ it's like a brand new one!
So now...this means that I can buy more books next time at a cheaper price!

Oh and if you guys love books, you can visit Marian's blog! She does reviews of books everytime she finish reading one (: I'm pondering whether if I should get "Something Borrowed" after looking at Marian's review. Have anyone read that book before?

I know people, you must be wondering where's the Outgoing letters in this post! Here is it!
Sorry I did not take photos of the individual letters I've sent because I am super duper busy with schoolwork :( I'll try and do it in the next post! Sorry!

Singapore's 47th birthday is coming! It's on the 9th of August so I'm sending out these flags to some of my lovely pen pals! I love all the flags they have sent me as well!
Talking about birthday...mine is coming. Another year older wiser.

Here are the photos of the Culture Fiesta Night organised in my school last friday!
Singapore is actually a multi-racial country, with 4 main races living here. Chinese, Malay, Tamil and Eurasians. Actually, there are so many more people of different races living here other than the 4 main ones. Thus, this is the night to celebrate the multi-racial culture we have here in Singapore!
Everyone got to dress up in different ethnic costumes and guess what? The whole school danced together as one! It was an A-MAZING experience!

I wore my Baju Kurung which is a Malay ethnic costume (I'm the second girl from the left) and here are some of my lovely friends!

Okay guys, I'll do another post ASAP when I can!

Here's hoping you guys will get a really filled letter box by the end of this week ( with letters of course and not bills! Teehee! )
Take Care!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Sunday!

Hello Guys! Alright,I am going to cut all my blabberings and do a short but sweet post!
What am I up to recently? I am busy studying and rushing to finish up my artwork but today I went shopping with my mummy! (which is awesome!)  We went to have tea and to buy some clothings!
So below are the photos of what we did today!

My mum!

The scones were really good<3 But I don't want to lie , the macarons were really mushy and yucky!
Worst macarons ever!

Then we headed to the Japanese booths that sell seafood, croquette,  ramen and so many other pastries.


Look at what Mollie sent me!

I posted so many things this week but have forgotten to take photos so the photos below are the ones i managed to take photos of. OMG! And guys,guess what?! Remember the Harry Potter mail in my previous post? When I sent the letters in a big batch, I've forgotten to place stamps on the Harry Potter mail! Forgetful me! I only realised that the next day when I saw my Harry Potter bookmark while reading my book. T-T My mum told me the postman will send the letter back to me as I did write the Return Address but I'm so worry about it! I may be going to the post office to enquire tomorrow! Fingers crossed!



Lastly, I've gotten these products from Soap & Glory today! I've used S&G's Breakfast body scrub before and I actually enjoy using it so I'm trying another of their scrubs to see which one I like better. I managed to convince my mum to get the SEXY MOTHER PUCKER lip gloss as it will actually plump your lips and the smell is heavenly! I put it on just now and it does plumps up your lip,highly recommend this to people who are obessesed with lip gloss!<3

Oh and I got a free mini scrub from Sephora as I've spent more than $20 on S&G's product!
I was exhilarated when I got this as now I can try out another of their scrubs!

Other than S&G's product,I've also gotten some clothings from Dorothy Perkins! Can't wait to wear them when I go out with my friends! Don't you guys think that shopping is the best thing ever to de-stress?

Alright, I'll end my blog post here! Btw,I have actually won the Liebster Award! Bree gave the award to me, I'll do the blog entry another day I promise! Thanks Bree!

Enjoy your Sunday peepo!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Before the end of this week...


Firstly, an Owl Post for my dearest Francesca in Italy.
She's a Harry Potter Fan just like me, if I did not forget, I was the one who introduced HP to her!

Vintage HP envelope with matching vintage brown paper. The side of the paper is purposely tore, I really love how vintage-y it looks! I could hardly give it away as I love it so much myself! But good things are meant to be shared,right?

Harry Potter seal on the back.

Harry Potter Exhibition Brochure from the exhibition which I went to in June.

Next, this is for Bree! She won my first giveaway!

For Louise in the Uk.

For Melanie in France. Did you guys know that one of my favourite tea is the Chamomile Tea? The scent of Chamomile is just too soothing~

For Laura in Canada!


Lastly, here's my favourite Ben & Jerry's - Phish Food!
I shouldn't be eating this as I've caught a cold/flu but I'm just too tempted!
Ahh! I'm a glutton in disguise!
Anyways, have you guys tried Ben & Jerry's before?
What's your favourite flavour?

Look! It's a fish! How cute it is? Even my mum agrees that it's so adorable!

Alright, I'm off to study for tomorrow's Chinese Oral Exam! Have a nice Sunday people!
Take Care!