Thursday, May 31, 2012

Outgoing letters!

This is another post of my outgoing letters! I've sent mail to Marta, Katie, Beverly and Elijah!

1) I've handmade a postcard for Elijah with Chinese letters on it. And a handmade envelope with some random things in it!(:

2) To my dear Marta, I've sent a handsewn pouch from Pakistan to her to thank her for the polish book she have sent me!

3) To Katie(: , I've sent her a lovely floral letter set I've just bought and a pack of kawaii Japan papers as she have told me that she likes Japanese stationaries.

4) A letter to my cousin, Beverly! ^^

Lastly, I've also sent out a bunch of postcards! I hope it will cheer up those who receive the cards!

Okay so I'm looking forward to receiving more letters soon! Have a nice week everyone!

New blog layout & incoming letters for the last week of May

Hello~hello~people! How are you guys doing? Well I'm in quite a good mood..not exactly really good but not too bad either. As I do not have to go to school today! How childish am i?Hahaha!

Alright so I've changed my blog's layout to something brighter as I really need a change. Not just a change in the layout, but a change in my life. Anyone who's feeling down today, don't worry, everyday is a new start! Just pick yourself up and move on, it's not easy to move on as human are stubborn creatures but you will move on somehow, trust me! *winks*

Anyhow, what do you guys think about the new layout? Tell me about it!

So below are the pictures of my incoming letters for the last two weeks of may. I've also posted some photos of the postcards I've received from post crossing. I've received around 22 postcards now, the progress aren't too bad!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maca Maca macarons!

Hey everyone! Well how are you guys? It's been awhile! Hope you all are doing well! (: I'm actually quite depress with my mother tongue exams! I think it was horribly done although I've tried my best! *sigh*

Well forget about that, I'll get back my results in August and we shall see.

So recently I've been addicted with macarons. I know right, what a sinful addiction! My mum and I went crazy, we got 3 packs of macaroons with 7 or 8 of them in each pack. I've bought them from a local bakery/restaurant. It is called the Bakerzin. I've bought almost all the flavours:


And I can't remember the rest of them! My favourite are the rose, mocha and pistachio ones! I have seen more fancy macarons in other bakeries but I thought I'll get the simple ones first before trying out the ones such as red velvet and so on. Is anyone addicted to macarons like me as well? Tell me your favourite flavour!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

One take off Saturday night!

Hi guys! How are you all doing? I'm pretty good but I'm really busy with the preparation of my Chinese college-entrance exams in June! And everyday I will return home at around six in the evening! It's so exhausting but I have to do well in my exams so I have to study hard!

Right now TGIF don't work for me as on Saturday morning till noon, I still need to return to school for mother tongue intensive lessons! Instead, TGIS is what I'm hoping for! Thank god it's Saturday! I'm down with a cough right now and I hope i will be better soon! Since I was young, I'm really prone to cough that's why when I'm exhausted, my cough will come and visit me again. Anyways, below are the photos of my cute little candy tin box which I keep my stamps! I've also grabbed my opportunity to make some envelopes! I even made one special one for a special pen pal!

I hope you guys have a lovely Saturday and take care y'all!

Incoming letters! (first two weeks of may)

Outgoing letters! (first two weeks of May)

For the two weeks, i've sent several postcards and letters but forgetful me have forgotten to take the photos of the outgoing letters! So below are the ones I remembered to take photos of!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Etsy shop review!(For paper ephemera fans!)

Hey everyone! So recently I have been obsessed with etsy. I love shopping at etsy, looking at all the intricate handmade items they have and not buying anything. A week ago I finally made up mind to get two items! One of them have arrived which is the big bag of paper ephemera sold by paper aeroplanes. Some of my pen pals actually recommend me to the shop as they themselves are huge fans of paper ephemera.

Honestly, i don't really like the things I've gotten. But before I tell you why, I just want to let you guys know that all the opinions and thoughts are mine. Maybe you guys will like it but unfortunately, for me, I think the paper ephemera are quite ordinary.

First and foremost, I bought mine for USD $14. It's a little pricey for me as I'm just a student,when I want to buy something, I have to save up. So 14 bucks is indeed a little pricey to me.
I could use the 14 bucks to get scrapbooking paper, washi tape, letter sets and some other craft materials.
Why do I say they are ordinary? Because the paper ephemera they sold are just some playing cards, cards from board games, some book pages and stamps. I could get these things at a second-hand bookstore which have books that aged nicely for a cheaper price.

But I'm sure if you really like stamps (they have a bunch of stamps that are from australia) or you really like pieces of playing cards and board game cards, I'm sure you will like the shop. Something that I really like in the package is the snail mail theme stickers they sent me.

Furthermore, the service of the shop is not too bad(: Their shipping time aren't too long and they will also include a thank-you card in your package. The shop owners also are really sweet, they sent me a letter 'G' brick as G is for Gladys. (:

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Will I purchase the paper ephemera again?: probably not.

Take a look at the photos below. Maybe you guys will like them as different people favour different things right?(;

Visit their shop at:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's day!

For my Mother's day, there aren't any breakfast in bed or any extravagant celebrations. But it's the heart that matters right?(: and my family, we do it the Chinese way! We went to my grandparents' house to celebrate Mother's day with my grandma! My aunt, my mum and grandma were in charge of the food, we have spring rolls which you can add ingredients depending on your likings and we have my favourite my ultimate favourite dish- the Braised pork bun (Kou Rou Pau-扣肉包)which is also known as the Chinese hamburger! It's my grandma's signature dish and I can just survive with it if I have to choose one food to consume for the rest of my life. It is actually a bun that sandwich some braised pork and braised chestnuts. Its shape is like a hamburger but the Chinese style. Although its appearance may not seems to be as good as the hamburgers with meat patties, but it's taste like heaven, my heaven ;) But I still love my Mcspicy at times too!

For dessert, we have the green bean soup with mini sagos and barley bits.
I enjoyed my Mother's day celebration with such an array variety of food, how about you guys?(;

Below are the photos of the food. The lady who have a mini Afro hair is my beloved grandmother!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A crazy day out after a huge blow!

So yesterday I've gotten back my Chinese paper! It was horrible! I did not fail but I definitely did not do well! I was so disappointed in myself! But I'm going to work hard from tomorrow onwards in order to do well in my college entrance exams!

Today, my best friend(Kexin) and I went out, it was actually the last outing before our exams in June so we have to play hard then study hard! I went to get some scrap booking paper! Got 40 of them! It was crazy! But I really couldn't help it, they were all on sales! And I also got some tapes(washi & fabric)! I can't be any more excited to start using them! I also got the longest receipt ever!

Then after our spree, we went to have lunch- Japanese beef bowls! I got the mushroom one while Kexin got the one
with tofu. We were also reminiscing our trip to china last year. That was the best memory of my secondary school life so far.It was an enjoyable day out! If everyday could be like this, I'll be the happiest person on earth!