Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's day!

For my Mother's day, there aren't any breakfast in bed or any extravagant celebrations. But it's the heart that matters right?(: and my family, we do it the Chinese way! We went to my grandparents' house to celebrate Mother's day with my grandma! My aunt, my mum and grandma were in charge of the food, we have spring rolls which you can add ingredients depending on your likings and we have my favourite my ultimate favourite dish- the Braised pork bun (Kou Rou Pau-扣肉包)which is also known as the Chinese hamburger! It's my grandma's signature dish and I can just survive with it if I have to choose one food to consume for the rest of my life. It is actually a bun that sandwich some braised pork and braised chestnuts. Its shape is like a hamburger but the Chinese style. Although its appearance may not seems to be as good as the hamburgers with meat patties, but it's taste like heaven, my heaven ;) But I still love my Mcspicy at times too!

For dessert, we have the green bean soup with mini sagos and barley bits.
I enjoyed my Mother's day celebration with such an array variety of food, how about you guys?(;

Below are the photos of the food. The lady who have a mini Afro hair is my beloved grandmother!

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