Thursday, May 31, 2012

New blog layout & incoming letters for the last week of May

Hello~hello~people! How are you guys doing? Well I'm in quite a good mood..not exactly really good but not too bad either. As I do not have to go to school today! How childish am i?Hahaha!

Alright so I've changed my blog's layout to something brighter as I really need a change. Not just a change in the layout, but a change in my life. Anyone who's feeling down today, don't worry, everyday is a new start! Just pick yourself up and move on, it's not easy to move on as human are stubborn creatures but you will move on somehow, trust me! *winks*

Anyhow, what do you guys think about the new layout? Tell me about it!

So below are the pictures of my incoming letters for the last two weeks of may. I've also posted some photos of the postcards I've received from post crossing. I've received around 22 postcards now, the progress aren't too bad!


  1. Hi,

    Wow, nice blog about snail mail! :) I love snail mail and I have a blog too:

    Can I send you some snail mail? ;)

    Bye, Mariza from The Netherlands

    1. Hello Mariza! I've seen your blog but it's in the Netherlands language so I don't know where to reply! I'm sorry! But sure we could do snail mail if you could give me your email, I'll send you my address! You have a lovely blog with pictures of beautiful handmade envelopes too!