Friday, November 30, 2012

November's Outgoing Mail

Recent Updates:
Guess what everyone? I got a job! My first job ever! I'm working in a bookstore and I'm really ├╝ber busy but I've met so many new friends which is the best thing about the job other than my pay! I'm really glad about it although I'm tired.

1) Package to Marian
2) Package to Akiyo
3) Package to Louise
4) 6 Packages & 5 letters (Outgoing)
5) Package to Katie
6) A lovely christmas tree with blue ornaments! I'm in love with it!
7) Handmade Christmas cards to my teacher
8) Handmade Christmas cards to my guy friend, Vennick.

I'll try to blog whenever I can and have a great December everyone!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas gift guide for your pen pals (for her) + Giveaway!

Christmas Gift Guide!
Hey everyone!
For this holiday season, I will be doing a series of Christmas related blog posts such as gift guides and craft ideas. For me, I am just a student. I have a really tight budget for this holiday season so I will try to use the least possible amount of money to get gifts for my pen pals, create some christmas cards and decorations for my room. I really hope that this will help everyone who also have a really tight budget but still want to give presents to your pals.
Alright, so this is the first post of the Christmas series posts!
It is a Christmas gift guide for your pen pals but you can use these tips while getting gifts for your family members and friends as well !
*For me, what I like to do when I get gifts for my pen pals is to get a slightly pricey gift which I call the "main gift " and then I will add some least expensive gifts which I call the "bonus gifts" .*
(Note: These ideas are just solely my own opinions.)
Let's start with the "Bonus Gifts"!
1) Teabags!
The weather is getting colder as the year is coming to an end. Thus, giving tea satchels to your pen pals could give them some warmth ! I am definitely a coffee person although I do like tea as well but I'm trying to cut down on coffee and drink tea instead.
2) Candies!
Everybody love candies!
I bought these heart shaped ones which I think my pen pals will love!
I don't have to explain much about why I choose candies, just look at the lovely quote on the packaging!
"Deliciousness, happiness, joy... I'm at the top of the world.
When taste is recognised as an expression of love...."

3) Pens!
If you want to write a letter, you need a good Pen! So why not send your favourite pens to your pen pals? I believe that these pens don't cost that much (:
Below are the pens and highlighters I love!

4) Handmade Bookmarks! 
Oh I love bookmarks and if your pen pals love to read, send them a handmade bookmark!
I always lose mine because I love to re-read my books and bookmark them...then they disappear..hmm...wonder where they went to. Probably hiding in some books...
Well, anyways, bookmarks are good.

This is a ribbon bookmark I made awhile ago for my teachers during Teacher's Day, you can give them ribbon bookmarks as well.

5) Perfume Samples
I have heard that you can get these perfume samples for free in Sephora in the USA or you can often get them in magazines for free.
I love these perfume samples as I could try them out before getting a full sized bottle.
( Note: If your pen pal has allergy to scents, try not to send them perfumes or else
they will just sneeze and sneeze and look like Rudolph the Reindeer.)

6) Ear Caps
Ear caps are little decorations which you can plug into your phones at the area which you plug your earphones. They are really adorable and they only cost around a dollar in Singapore.
My lil brother got me the blue mickey one and i love it as blue is my favourite colour!

7) Stationeries
Send your pen pals some practical paper clips and pegs. They are really handy and not expensive as well.
8) Coasters
I heart coasters! Your pen pal will definitely think of you whenever they have a cup of warm tea or ice cold juice. I got one for myself as I do not have one. No more water droplets on my desk! :D

9) Ribbons
To decorate your letters and everything else!

I got this box of ribbons at less than $6 Singapore Dollars.
And they look really neat as well!

You can add 3 of the "bonus gifts" and 1 "main gift" into the gift bag . It's up to you on the ratio.
Now to the "Main Gifts"!
1) Body Lotions/Hand Creams (Travel size)
As the weather is getting colder, it is getting drier as well ! Thus, send some body lotions/hand creams to your pen pals to keep them moisturise. I put this as a main gift as some of the lotions can be a little expensive. I got several hand creams from last Christmas and I do enjoy using them and finding out which ones suit me the best. Therefore, I think your pen pals will enjoy having them. (Note: If your pen pal has allergy to lotions, please avoid sending them.)
(Note: Put them in a zip lock bag before you send it, just in case it leaks.)

2)  Drugstore Cosmetics
Every girl loves cosmetics and experimenting with them so why not send them some products. Whether it is sample size or full size, it will sure brighten up their day! I started experimenting with cosmetics recently and I love them so much! Below are some of the products which I have gotten!

3) Fuzzy Socks!
OMG! Just look at the ones I own! They will keep your feet warm this winter! Even if your country is in summer right now, you can wear them in air-condition room. Apply some foot lotion, put them on and get ready for smooth feet the next morning!

Look at the lovely lace borders of the fuzzy socks!
They are like the ballet shoes but more comfy!

4) Scarves!
Get a beautiful scarf for your pen pal this holiday season! They keep you warm and are really fashionable!
(Note : I am not the best model, just look at the beautiful scarf. It is my favourite one!)

Another view of the scarf!
5) Tapes!
There is no need for explanation, almost every snail-mail addict love these tapes. There are so many kind of decorative tapes to give to your pen pals.
a) Paper Tapes
These are not Washi tapes but paper tapes. They are opaque and it does not have a waxy texture like Washi tapes. This is a cheaper alternative for Washi tapes. They are not too bad and I first got to know these tapes from my Japan pen pal, Akiyo. She is a really generous lady, I am really fortunate to have known her from postcrossing.

b) Fabric Tapes
I do love Fabric Tapes, they are not only cheaper but it gives your envelopes and cards a different texture as well.

c) The good old Washi Tapes!
Hands down, this is probably the best gift you can give to your pen pals. Furthermore, it is not easy to get them in European countries so maybe if it is not that expensive in your country, send some of them to your pen pals! 
6) Earrings!
If your pen pals have pierced ears, send them a pair of these cute earrings, cheap and vintage ones will be really nice!
(Note: Adjustable rings, bracelets and necklaces are lovely as well!)

 That's it for my gift guide!
If you still have no idea on what to give to your family, friends and pen pals, just follow your heart and give them anything. They will still love it, afterall, it is the sincerity that counts.
My grandpa always tell me that it is always the best to be able to give than to receive. Giving someone a gift that will make them smile and that smile on their faces is the best gift you can receive. Don't be mistaken, I am not a saint, I still love receiving gifts but my point is:
Giving is always better than receiving!
Thus, I am doing a giveaway!
I am giving away:
1) A vintage pin-up girl adjustable ring
2) My favourite  Uni-ball signo DX pen 0.38 (Winner can choose one colour which he/she desire.)
3) A roll of  Fabric Tape
4) A handful of  Heart-shaped candies!
5) Mystery Gift  (Something everyone could wear)
to ONE lucky winner.
(All items are brand new.)
It may not be a lot but these are some things which I can give away, from the bottom of my heart.
When: 12 November 2012 to 30 November 2012
What you have to do:
a) You have to be a follower of this blog.
b) Kindly mention about this Christmas Gift Guide + Giveaway post on your blog, comment below and give me the link to your blog + your email.
(If you do not have a blog, you can still enter, just tell me below as well!)
This is an international giveaway.
If you are below 18 years old, please ask for permission from your parents as I may need to get your mailing address.
Winner will be informed through email.
I sincerely hope that this Christmas gift guide is useful to everyone and you do not have to participate in the giveaway if you do not want to, no worries at all ! Lastly, if you have any queries, feel free to comment below! Stay tune for the next Christmas series post!
Warmest regards, Gladys

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finally back!

Hello everybody! I'm back! FINALLY!
My exams have finally ended and I won't know my results until January, I have no idea how is my results. But...
"Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back."
(quote from tumblr)
Therefore, I shall just move on and enjoy myself before I get back my results in January.
It has been around 3 days since my exams ended and for these 3 days, I did quite a lot of things actually.
So let me share with you people what I've did for these few days!
On Friday, I had a class gathering with my classmates and everyone is required to bring a kind of food to the gathering. Thus my Bff and I have decided to bake cookies. We went to the supermarket and got our ingredients. We were so excited to bake cookies and it was so much fun baking cookies together. But things did not go well...
I know , the cookies below look quite "edible" right? Wait...wait...wait!
Did I say cookies?
Woah woah woah, you must be thinking they do not look like cookies but like...
Actually, the "cookies" tasted like all the pastries mentioned above.
It was a total failure. = =
My best friend and I will not want to eat those "cookies" EVER again!
I have no idea what went wrong but I guess that we just do not have the talents in baking pastries.
But still, I am quite good at cooking pastas *grins*.

Still, we cannot waste food right? So I came up with an evil plan to sell our er..hmm..."cookies". We have decided to put salt, a lot of salt into several "cookies". Those who picked the "special cookies" will get a prize! And guess what? It worked!
It was a brilliant plan! To be able to sell our cookies and witness the expressions of our classmates who got the "special cookies". The experience was priceless.

The prizes we made, Butterfly bookmarks!

Overall, it was a pleasant night. I had so much fun in the gathering. It was the last gathering as a secondary school student (high school) before we all move on to another part of our lives.
Hopefully this will not be the last time we see one another. Fingers crossed :)
I have been diligently replying letters as well! I'm so glad that I can finally write letters again!
I will do an Outgoing letters blog post some time next week. I have finished replying 8 letters and there are around 6 more to reply to.
(I made the bunting writing paper myself, are you guys interested in a tutorial? Comment below.)

Watching Ice Princess again, I love that movie! And replying to more letters!

And I went Christmas shopping while I was on my trip to get the ingredients to make the cookies.
The next post will be a "Christmas gift guide for your pen pals".
These few days, I am also busy packing my Christmas gift bags for my pen pals so it is a little hectic here on my side.
Alright! I will end my writing here for this blog post. I hope everyone is doing well and have a lovely weekend!
p.s. I will be doing a giveaway soon!