Friday, November 30, 2012

November's Outgoing Mail

Recent Updates:
Guess what everyone? I got a job! My first job ever! I'm working in a bookstore and I'm really über busy but I've met so many new friends which is the best thing about the job other than my pay! I'm really glad about it although I'm tired.

1) Package to Marian
2) Package to Akiyo
3) Package to Louise
4) 6 Packages & 5 letters (Outgoing)
5) Package to Katie
6) A lovely christmas tree with blue ornaments! I'm in love with it!
7) Handmade Christmas cards to my teacher
8) Handmade Christmas cards to my guy friend, Vennick.

I'll try to blog whenever I can and have a great December everyone!


  1. Working in a bookstore sounds really fun. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. :) and I'm sending you some mail this week too!

    1. Hi Marian! The book store is really large so it is always full of things to do!
      I Hope you're doing well!

  2. Awwwww Gladys !! Thank you so much for your little package(: Everything was so neat! I loved the candies and the heart ribbon was pretty! I can't wait to send you the things for the swap! Hopefully by next month I will be able to. Thanks for being so patient... I can't wait to do it!! Thank you again, you are too kind. xoxo Katie

    1. Hi Katie! No worries at all! I'm glad you like the gifts! I can't wait to do the swap as well! Email me when you can do it! Have a lovely December!

  3. Lovely mail!
    I once worked in a library, it was awesome! I hope you'll have a great time in the bookstore :)