Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finally back!

Hello everybody! I'm back! FINALLY!
My exams have finally ended and I won't know my results until January, I have no idea how is my results. But...
"Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back."
(quote from tumblr)
Therefore, I shall just move on and enjoy myself before I get back my results in January.
It has been around 3 days since my exams ended and for these 3 days, I did quite a lot of things actually.
So let me share with you people what I've did for these few days!
On Friday, I had a class gathering with my classmates and everyone is required to bring a kind of food to the gathering. Thus my Bff and I have decided to bake cookies. We went to the supermarket and got our ingredients. We were so excited to bake cookies and it was so much fun baking cookies together. But things did not go well...
I know , the cookies below look quite "edible" right? Wait...wait...wait!
Did I say cookies?
Woah woah woah, you must be thinking they do not look like cookies but like...
Actually, the "cookies" tasted like all the pastries mentioned above.
It was a total failure. = =
My best friend and I will not want to eat those "cookies" EVER again!
I have no idea what went wrong but I guess that we just do not have the talents in baking pastries.
But still, I am quite good at cooking pastas *grins*.

Still, we cannot waste food right? So I came up with an evil plan to sell our er..hmm..."cookies". We have decided to put salt, a lot of salt into several "cookies". Those who picked the "special cookies" will get a prize! And guess what? It worked!
It was a brilliant plan! To be able to sell our cookies and witness the expressions of our classmates who got the "special cookies". The experience was priceless.

The prizes we made, Butterfly bookmarks!

Overall, it was a pleasant night. I had so much fun in the gathering. It was the last gathering as a secondary school student (high school) before we all move on to another part of our lives.
Hopefully this will not be the last time we see one another. Fingers crossed :)
I have been diligently replying letters as well! I'm so glad that I can finally write letters again!
I will do an Outgoing letters blog post some time next week. I have finished replying 8 letters and there are around 6 more to reply to.
(I made the bunting writing paper myself, are you guys interested in a tutorial? Comment below.)

Watching Ice Princess again, I love that movie! And replying to more letters!

And I went Christmas shopping while I was on my trip to get the ingredients to make the cookies.
The next post will be a "Christmas gift guide for your pen pals".
These few days, I am also busy packing my Christmas gift bags for my pen pals so it is a little hectic here on my side.
Alright! I will end my writing here for this blog post. I hope everyone is doing well and have a lovely weekend!
p.s. I will be doing a giveaway soon! 


  1. Lucky you to be done with studying until January! I hope everything went well :)

  2. Hi Caddi! Thank you for your well wishes! I hope everything's good on your side!

  3. Hi Gladys! I'm happy to know you can relax and have fun now, since your exams are over. =) Awww are you writing me? Gosh I always love your handwriting! =) What pen do you use?? That's so funny about the cookies. Well not really, funny, but the idea to sell the "special ones" was! lol!! I make those cookies all the time here, well not ALL the time, haha, but sometimes. What went wrong? Wish I could have been there to help you guys. :) And I'd be interested in a tutorial on how you made the bunting paper! (:

    1. By the way can I have your email? I need to ask you about something (:

  4. Hi Katie!!! So excited to see you comment! How are you? :D yes! I have wrote a letter to you! But I have a small surprise for you so I need a little more time to send out the mail. I use uni-ball signo dx pen 0.38. I wish you could help me with the cookies as well! I'm so bad at it! I have no idea what went wrong!
    But I hope everything's good with you and your girls!
    Take care!

  5. Sure! It's

    Uni-ball signo dx 0.38....hmmm I will have to check it out, I love how nicely it writes.

  6. Gladys, I tried emailing you back, but it wouldn't send? lol what is your email? Thanks!

  7. Oh, I so envy you for being free from studies until January! And I'm sure your muffins tasted nice anyways. Chocolate is always good! :P

    1. Hey Tari! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  8. Those cookies actually look pretty tasty! I can definitely relate, because whenever I try to bake something, something always goes wrong.

    I love Ice Princess. I watch it whenever it's on t.v. Hope you're having fun and relaxing now that your exams are finished. :)

    1. Hi Marian! Yeah, I am not good at baking and I don't think I will ever bake again! Hahaha!
      Thank you! I hope that you are doing well in your school as well! :D