Sunday, September 23, 2012

A series of random events which happened in Aug/Sept.....

Hey everyone! Yes I'm still alive and everything's good, sorry for my recent MIB (missing in blogging)! This month onwards until November will be my last stretch of Secondary school life (or High School in the USA) and I have to study really hard within this period if I want to enjoy my holidays in November so I hope you guys will be patient with me because my GCSE College-Entrance Exams are really important to me, it's just like the key to my future.  I promise you (my readers) that my blog will be more livelier after 08th of November!
I can't wait till that day! :)
So I'll take some time out from my studying to update you guys on my recent happenings!
*Believe me, it's going to be REALLY random!*
First and foremost,I've received another package from my Uk pen pal, Karen and she got me some 
stationeries with the Jack Union prints. We did a swap and I sent hers earlier this year, probably June and this is what she have sent me! Thanks Karen! (:
Another belated present from my cousin!
She gave me a set of trio notebooks which I love so much!
The quality of the paper are really good! My pen feels happy writing on them , at least that's what i think!
I've used the green one with buoys on it to jot down my holiday plans!
It's only September and I can already feel the excitement! 

Another day, my parents went out so my brother and I tried to whip out our dinner together as I bought some pasta , herbs and bolognese sauce the other day. The situation in the kitchen was quite messy on that day, I have to say that I'm not good in cooking. But we both enjoyed the cooking process and we had "fun".

Here's our Bolognese fusili mushroom herbs...pasta with some pan fried chicken!
It was good, believe me!
If you guys are wondering if I'm still writing letters, YES I AM! But I did not take photos of them, the moment I finished writing the whole batch, I went to the post office to send them. Yesterday, I sent out 9 letters and 5 postcards. I felt accomplished and exhilarated as some of you guys out there can finally receive my letter again!
The photo below are the letters I've received this month and some from the end of August.
They are all so beautiful, as usual!
I've also gotten a birthday package from Louise in UK!
She's a lovely girl and she just started blogging as well so here's her link!
Go say 'hi' to her if you guys can!

Some of my outgoing letters which I managed to take a photo of.

The photo below are the mailboxes in Singapore. They look really vintage, don't they? (;

Here's a new pair of sandals which I've bought recently!
They are uber-comfy and I love them!
I'm loving originial Tortilla crackers with Hummus or Hommous Dip (whatever you call it).
Hummus or Hommous are a dip made out of Chickpeas, tahini (Sesame paste) and some other herbs.

Movies I've watched recently~
I have to admit that I love watching romantic movies and chick flicks.
Sometimes when I'm doing my homework, I will just play the DvDs in my room even though I'm focus on my homework. I just want to kill the silence and that, some noises will keep me awake.
I know I will always cry when I watch movies which are sad or touching so I'll always try and watch comedies. But the other day,I've decided to watch "The Notebook" as I've heard good reviews about it and I was warned that it is a really touching story. I told myself that it's just a movie and don't cry (before I watched it)...
I cried.
But it was an absolutely beautiful movie worth my tears , go watch it on Dvd if you haven't!
(Advice:prepare a box of tissue paper and put it by your side,just in case.)

(pictures from: GOOGLE)
Lastly, I know some of you will hate me for this but recently......
I'm crazy for...
wait for it...
HARRY STYLES from one direction!
I just can't help it! I have told myself not to fall for all these entertainment people but
his olive-shaped eyes,
his wavy hair (I like guys with wavy hair),
his charisma,
his love for babies and children,
how can I not fall for him?
But worry not, I'll try and get over him as soon as I can.

(Picture from GOOGLE)
Yup, that's it! Have a good weekend y'all! Once again, I apologise for my MIB and wait for me! I'll be back in November. In the mean time, I'll try and blog whenever I can!
Take Care!
Have A Lovely September!


  1. haha I love the notebook. Don't worry, I always cry when I watch it too.

    1. Yep I love it too! Rachel Mcadams is so pretty!

  2. You got an awesome package from your pen pal, the notebook is so cool. And It's good to hear you're alive! Harry Styles... Haha, I used to be crazy about him for a short time, and I also tried to finish with that, lol! I hope your holidays will be awesome. I can't see a letter from me on the picture, have you already got it? I hope it has arrived to you safely!
    Best wishes!

    1. Hi Maria! I've yet to receive your letter unfortunately :( and yes I love Harry styles but i have to get over him as soon as I can!

  3. Love all the letters you've received and sent!

    Haha, ah, Harry Styles. If I was younger I would have a huge crush on Niall. I think he's just so cute!

    Your pasta looks delicious!

    x Jasmine

    1. Hihi Jasmine! It's been awhile! I hope you're doing well! I love Niall too and he seems to be really nice and he's so cute! Hehe!

  4. The fusili looks delicious (I can't cook myself, so I'm not sure if I could do something like that!) and I love the notebooks. :)

    Good luck with your studies, keep chasing your dreams!

  5. Hey Penny! Thank you so much for your well wishes! I can't cook well either but for me, I just got the feeling to cook so I went ahead and cook the pasta and it turned out fine! So just try it out if you have got the 'feeling' to do anything. It will turn out fine eventually!

  6. OMG Gladys I just love your blog :) I'd love to go to Singapore someday, I'm majoring in East Asia Studies and I want to do a research project there. It seems we have many things in common so, I'm definitely following :D Hope we can be friends!
    Greetings from Barcelona,


    1. Hey Claudia! Thank you for visiting! I would love to be friends with you! And I really want to visit Barcelona one day! I've heard that it's a beautiful city!(;
      Take care!

      Regards, Gladys.