Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Souvenir Shop!

Hi peeps! So this is actually the part 2 of my previous post :) it's all about my little adventure after my breakfast!

So after breakfast, I accompanied my mum to the market to get some dried ingredients such as scallops, mushrooms and some chestnuts. They are the ingredients for soup. I have honestly never been to that market, it's like the best market in Singapore, they sell everything you need to cook a meal. But something I hate about it is that they have 10 over electronic fans in just a shop! I did not tie up my hair and I was holding on to many bags and the wind was blowing directly on my face! I looked like a crazy woman after the trip to the market! But the best thing about the market trip was that I've found a type of candies which I always eat when I was a little girl. I have been looking for it everywhere and I'm glad I found it again! I shall post the picture of it when I do my childhood post ;D

Then we went to the souvenir shop, this is my favourite place to get souvenirs for my pen pals as they have a wide range of postcards and gifts to choose from. I've gotten 24 postcards and some mystery gifts for a giveaway. What do you guys think? Should I do a giveaway?(; Leave a comment below! Thank you!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunday & Breakfast with MUM!

Good morning peeps! Hope you guys slept well yesterday. It's a glorious morning and I woke up at around 7:45am, took a quick shower and then headed to town for breakfast! Sunday is my traditional-Chinese-breakfast- morning! I ought to get more sleep but breakfast always excites me to jump out of my bed!

By the way I'm ALWAYS blogging with my phone so I can't write the description of my photos underneath it so please pardonne moi!

1) My Breakfast : Peanuts porridge, Yam Cake and Rice Dumpling(the pyramid shaped pastry).

2) That's the Chinese carrot Cake, with eggs and radish, if you ever come to Singapore, you got to try it! It may not seems to be yummy but trust me it's good!

3) My soya milk with pearls (mini sago balls).

4) The Chinese Yam cake!

Will publish another post on my trip to get some souvenirs for my lovely pen pals!

Saturday night!

Hey peeps! It's a lovely Saturday which I can finally spend sometime with myself without the need of attending Chinese lessons in the morning! My Chinese teacher have decided to give us a break since it's the exam period. Thank goodness! It's not that I don't enjoy Chinese lessons, it's just that I need a break. My Chinese teacher is a really charismatic lady who have been to many countries with many valuable experiences. Totally an inspiring role model for me!(;

Anyways, I'm spending my Saturday writing some letters, watching some DVDs and revising my biology experiments. Not forgetting my chips and......melted Chocolate sundae...I've told my brother to get me a sundae and he came home with a sundae, except that it have already melted and the cover of it was lost along the way. Ahh~~ my younger brother! But that's okay ;)

Tomorrow I maybe going to get some singapore souvenirs for my dearest pen pals and perhaps I will do a post on it!

Have a great Saturday night y'all!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Incoming letters <4th week of April>

1) Marta (Poland)
2) Karen(England)
3) Jobelle(Australia)

Thanks girls!^^

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beautiful morning ;)

Hey peeps! *yawn* Slept at two this morning after my revision for the subject, social studies and woke up at 6am again in the morning to prepare for school. I am obviously lack of sleep but I am really energetic as it's TGIF! Look at the lovely skies in the morning (picture below^^)! Have a lovely Friday everyone!

Singapore-the lion city, my homeland!

Well I know you guys must be curious of how Singapore is like so I will show you guys how it is like! If you guys like this sort of post, i shall take more photos and show you my country! I'm blogging with my phone so pardon me if the quality of the photos isn't that awesome. ^^

From the top
1) How you drink coffee in Singapore.
2) The Singapore postbox
3) The eggs seller.
4) Traditional chinese breakfast- peanut porridge and yam pastry.
5) My favourite pastry shop that has more than 35 years tradition. The pastry is called Tau Sar Pia, it means green bean paste biscuits if you literally translate it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mysterious package?(:

Yesterday I've gotten a notice that there's a package waiting for me in the post office. The post office they placed the package is half-an-hour of walk from my house! But i believed that it's worth it and today I went and retrieved it! I got the package and was all excited! The package was from my pen pal in France(thank you,Florine!).When I unwrapped it, I realised that there was a box of chocolates from France, some lovely stamps that I could add into my collection and a postcard from the city of romance, Paris!!! Gaaa!!! I was so elated and I could almost forget the fact that I did not do well in my Chinese exams today. *sigh* Time management was the key and silly me was too focus on the paper and totally forgotten about the time! Lesson Learnt!

But still it was a lovely day today:)


Hey, how are you guys out there? I've stopped blogging for awhile and now I'm back! I wanted to meet new pen pals whom are interested in writing to me and swapping little gifts, that's why I started blogging again!

Facts about Gladys:
1) Have been writing letters since I was 12 with my best friends although we saw each other everyday! Writing really connected us in a special way(: and I wrote to my first foreign pen pal in December 2010 and I'm loving it!

2) If you love to read all sort of books
(romance,horror,literature..) and cry a lot (A Lot!) when the storyline is sad
or touching, we could be best friends!

3) We could be best friends too if you love to do art and crafts(from painting all the way to decoupage), enjoy tasting a variety of cuisines, addicted to shopping and baking!

Feel free to ask me any questions and comment on my post! Thanks for reading my blog!

P.s. ending my blog entry with a photo of some letters and postcards I've sent to my lovely pen pals(: