Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mysterious package?(:

Yesterday I've gotten a notice that there's a package waiting for me in the post office. The post office they placed the package is half-an-hour of walk from my house! But i believed that it's worth it and today I went and retrieved it! I got the package and was all excited! The package was from my pen pal in France(thank you,Florine!).When I unwrapped it, I realised that there was a box of chocolates from France, some lovely stamps that I could add into my collection and a postcard from the city of romance, Paris!!! Gaaa!!! I was so elated and I could almost forget the fact that I did not do well in my Chinese exams today. *sigh* Time management was the key and silly me was too focus on the paper and totally forgotten about the time! Lesson Learnt!

But still it was a lovely day today:)

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  1. Great stamps! I'm a huge stamp collector too. Maybe we can trade sometimes? :)