Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Hey, how are you guys out there? I've stopped blogging for awhile and now I'm back! I wanted to meet new pen pals whom are interested in writing to me and swapping little gifts, that's why I started blogging again!

Facts about Gladys:
1) Have been writing letters since I was 12 with my best friends although we saw each other everyday! Writing really connected us in a special way(: and I wrote to my first foreign pen pal in December 2010 and I'm loving it!

2) If you love to read all sort of books
(romance,horror,literature..) and cry a lot (A Lot!) when the storyline is sad
or touching, we could be best friends!

3) We could be best friends too if you love to do art and crafts(from painting all the way to decoupage), enjoy tasting a variety of cuisines, addicted to shopping and baking!

Feel free to ask me any questions and comment on my post! Thanks for reading my blog!

P.s. ending my blog entry with a photo of some letters and postcards I've sent to my lovely pen pals(:

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