Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunday & Breakfast with MUM!

Good morning peeps! Hope you guys slept well yesterday. It's a glorious morning and I woke up at around 7:45am, took a quick shower and then headed to town for breakfast! Sunday is my traditional-Chinese-breakfast- morning! I ought to get more sleep but breakfast always excites me to jump out of my bed!

By the way I'm ALWAYS blogging with my phone so I can't write the description of my photos underneath it so please pardonne moi!

1) My Breakfast : Peanuts porridge, Yam Cake and Rice Dumpling(the pyramid shaped pastry).

2) That's the Chinese carrot Cake, with eggs and radish, if you ever come to Singapore, you got to try it! It may not seems to be yummy but trust me it's good!

3) My soya milk with pearls (mini sago balls).

4) The Chinese Yam cake!

Will publish another post on my trip to get some souvenirs for my lovely pen pals!


  1. Is the drink like zhēn zhū tea?
    If so, I love it ^^


  2. Hey Florine! Yes they are like the Zhen zhu tea! I love them a lot too!