Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday night!

Hey peeps! It's a lovely Saturday which I can finally spend sometime with myself without the need of attending Chinese lessons in the morning! My Chinese teacher have decided to give us a break since it's the exam period. Thank goodness! It's not that I don't enjoy Chinese lessons, it's just that I need a break. My Chinese teacher is a really charismatic lady who have been to many countries with many valuable experiences. Totally an inspiring role model for me!(;

Anyways, I'm spending my Saturday writing some letters, watching some DVDs and revising my biology experiments. Not forgetting my chips and......melted Chocolate sundae...I've told my brother to get me a sundae and he came home with a sundae, except that it have already melted and the cover of it was lost along the way. Ahh~~ my younger brother! But that's okay ;)

Tomorrow I maybe going to get some singapore souvenirs for my dearest pen pals and perhaps I will do a post on it!

Have a great Saturday night y'all!

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