Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letters Update (Week before School Reopens)

Hey Guys! How are you all doing?(: I've been extremely busy with my homework, I still have a lot of them waiting for me to complete so here's a quick update of my Incoming/Outgoing letters! I always have a lot of pictures, I hope you guys won't find them too long and will like them!


So far, for this week, I've only received one letter and that
is from my cousin, Beverly!

Today I was doing my usual morning routine, but it was not that usual anymore after the door bell rang while I was sweeping the floor. I ran to open the door and guess what?! The postlady was outside with two packakges in her hands!
 Goodness! I was elated!
Okay let's reveal the contents of the packages together!

The first one is from Sara in the UK!
(The HOPE blocks is not from her, that's just what i use to cover the address.)

Sara sent me so many bars of chocolates! I haven't tried them yet but I'll soon do it!

And a letter!

And this Jack union pendant she made!

And a pencil!

Her pendant is now on my pencil case as I think it matches my pencil case really well! By the way, I love my pencil case!

Yup that's it for the first package! Thank You Sara!

Next, I have a package from Akiyo in Japan! This is the highlight of today's post (: Like most of the snail mailers, I am also participating in postcrossing. Akiyo was one of the people which I've sent postcard to and I always decorate the back of the postcards with washi tapes which I send to people. Upon receiving the postcard, Akiyo actually sent me a message to ask me if she could send me some Washi Tapes to thank me for the postcard. Can you believe it? It's only a postcard I've sent her and she wanted to thank me with rolls of washi tapes?! As a Washi tape collector, I kindly accepted her request BUT only if she will let me send her another package back (;

In this case, it's not the washi tapes she have sent me that I'm touched with but how a stranger could be so nice and appreciating!


Okay so here's what Akiyo have sent me:
(Once again, she did not send me the horsy drawing, it's for coverage purpose.)

Firstly,she have sent me some peach gummies!

Next, she sent me a ...towel ?
Hahaha! That's what I thought at first!
But look further down :)

It's a Rose+Mint Soap!
*What I like to do with soaps is to cut them into cubes and put them into a dish.

Some postcards with animes on it (:

And.....Tadah! Washi Tapes! I love it! I love it!

Yup! That's what Akiyo have sent me! Thank you soo soo much Akiyo!


 The first one goes to Karen from the UK! I've sent her some gifts such as a postcard, a chocolate bar, two pair of earrings,a bracelet and of course a letter!

The next one is for Akiyo! I've already pre-prepared her gifts after she email-ed me so I'll just have to write the letter and drop the chocolates into the envelope!

I am quite pleased with how I package the postcards and letter together. What do you guys think?(:

Here's the coaster for Akiyo as I know Japanese likes to drink tea a lot just like me!
I like the coaster ,there's the symbolic Merlion on it!

Last but not least, I have a letter for my dear cousin, Beverly!

The back.

Alrighty! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoy the rest of your week!
Here's hoping that everyone's mailbox will be filled with letters!

   p.s. My first giveaway is still open, feel free to join it!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tea with Family, Sinful Splurge at Typo and a Letters Update!

Hello~Hello~everyone! How's everyone doing? It's another lovely Saturday! I hope everyone is doing well! I'm going to cut my sentence short as this is going to be a long post filled with photos!
Yesterday,my brother and I treated my mum to tea as her birthday is coming soon! Dad was busy so he couldn't come with us but that's okay, he have to give us another treat soon! So we went to Orchard Hotel for tea! The food are not too bad and I love the environment,it's really classy and peaceful. 

Here are some of the food I ate.

This is my favourite dish, it's a local dish. It is called the
"Laksa". It is quite similar to curry noodles but at the same time
it's really different too due to its ingredients and its condiments.
There's shrimps,slices of fish cakes, eggs, glass noodles, bean sprouts and "Tau Pok" in it.
"Tau Pok"is a soya bean curd and it has a spongy texture, it soaks up the
gravy, giving you a burst of gravy when you put it into your mouth.
I <3 it!

If I'm not wrong, this is the Opera chocolate cake,look at the chocolate balls with gold dusts! Isn't it pretty? It's yummy too!

My lil brother!

My mum with her platter of japanese food (:

After tea, we went shopping and my brother got his sports apparels and i got some stationaries which I feel so sinful after spending so much! They are just soooo lovely and I can't resist temptations! I am not going to spend any un-needed money until the start of August and as a punishment, I will have to save half of my pocket money every single day until August.
Anyways, I went to the shop name TYPO. It's an Australian brand and it has so many lovely stationaries which is not a good thing for my wallet!

Six more washi tapes added into my collection! I like the copper-ish metallic one!

A "Boy Voyage" passport holder.

A pack of 6 vintage card sets.

Lastly, some mini pockets to put in some mini cards!

Yup that's it! Have you guys been to typo? Or have spent any money which you regretted after paying? :( Tell me in the comments box below!



Mariza from the Netherlands. I've seen the cheese boulders on TV some time ago and I really like all these festivals or traditional activities they have in the other countries. It's really unique!

Here are the lovely goodies she've sent me! Thanks Mariza!

This letter is from Karen in the UK!

This one is from Melanie in France!

Here are the goodies she've sent me. one magnet is missing as I've placed it on my pencil holder (:

Here's a letter from my cousin,Beverly(:
I probably shouldn't frost half of the picture but i haven't found a good way to
hide the address. How do everyone of your out there hide your addresses on the letters? Tell me about it if you don't mind sharing (:


This one is for Mariza, a handmade envelope for her and some handmade goodies!
I haven't placed the stamps and airmail stickers but I'll do it soon!

This one is for Melanie.

This is another envelope which I've made and is pleased with it.
It's for Yasmeen. She's my new pen pal and this is our first letter!
This is a significant one as the first letter always mark the beginning of a new friendship!
Don't you guys agree? (:

Last but not least, this is for Beverly! Bev have already received her letter as it takes only a day to deliver a letter to a friend who's also living in Singapore. Haha!

Okay so I hope you all enjoy this post and have not fallen asleep reading it! What do everyone of you who are out there reading my blog think about today's post? Tell me about it!
 Just to let everyone know, after the next week, I'll go back to school and I will be focusing on my studies. I'll still do snail mail with my beloved pen pals but I can only write during the weekends.(no worries!) I can't wait till November when I'll have the rest of the time to do whatever I desire. *sigh*

Enjoy your weekends ,take care!

P.s. Thanks everyone who have participated in my giveaway, all suggestions are highly appreciated!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Gladys's first giveaway!

Hi everyone! As I've promised, when I have 12 followers on my blog, I'll do a giveaway! Right now, I've got 13 followers which means I'm doing the giveaway!

Having followers doesn't mean that I want to be a popular blogger or so on as this is just a hobby of mine but it affirms me that someone else is reading my blog and that makes me really glad :D

In-order to enter the giveaway, you have to answer a few questions, you can either post it in your blog the answers of the questions and comment below so I can go to your blog and see the answers OR you can just answer the questions directly below, at the comment box.

The questions are:
1) What's your favourite post in my blog and why?
2) What can I do to further improve my posts or any areas of my blog?
(Don't worry, just speak your mind(: )
3) What's the best mail/package you've ever received and why?

The winner will be picked randomly or I'll probably choose my favourite answers!

CLOSING DATE: 30th June 2011

The prizes are:
1) A roll of fabric tape
2) Either a Singapore postcard or an inspirational postcard (1 or 2)
3) A Korean Stamp set
4) A full Letter set
5) Bonus gifts

Thank you everyone! Have a nice day ahead!

Fun-filled Day!

Hello~Hello~everyone! How is everyone doing?:) I hope you're enjoying your summer/winter! Well I've finally got to enjoy my holidays! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to the Harry Potter's Exhibition which have arrived in Asia for the first time! I couldn't be any more excited when I saw the advertisement! And today,my best friend and I actually went to the exhibition!

I've met a lot of Potter fans at the exhibition and there were friends from scotland too! Unfortunately,photography wasn't allowed in the exhibition so Philene and I did not take a lot of photographs!

It was really dark inside the exhibition but look at how
                                   sparkly my flats are! Honestly, they love seeking attention
                                           and they've gotten lots of compliments!XD

The beautiful side of Singapore! Maybe some of you have seen this
in the postcards I've sent you!


My bestie,Philene and I!

Yesterday was actually Phil's Birthday so I've gotten her a GAP shirt
for her birthday. To us, GAP is actually the combination of our initials!
(G=Gladys A=Ann P=Philene)
Ann is down with flu so she can't join us for the outing, here's hoping she will get well soon!
I hope you will like your shirt I've gave you,Phil!

And of course, the perfect way to end our outing
was to enjoy our favourite Chinese Food!


Cold Tofu!

My wanton (shrimp dumplings) noodles!

Pan-Fried buns!

I've gotten some chocolate frogs at the exhibition, other than that, I did not get many things as
everything there was so expensive! I'll probably do another post on my HP collections if you guys want me to!

I hope that everything goes smoothly for everyone this summer/winter and take care y'all!

P.s. 2 more followers and I'll do my giveaway!