Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tea with Family, Sinful Splurge at Typo and a Letters Update!

Hello~Hello~everyone! How's everyone doing? It's another lovely Saturday! I hope everyone is doing well! I'm going to cut my sentence short as this is going to be a long post filled with photos!
Yesterday,my brother and I treated my mum to tea as her birthday is coming soon! Dad was busy so he couldn't come with us but that's okay, he have to give us another treat soon! So we went to Orchard Hotel for tea! The food are not too bad and I love the environment,it's really classy and peaceful. 

Here are some of the food I ate.

This is my favourite dish, it's a local dish. It is called the
"Laksa". It is quite similar to curry noodles but at the same time
it's really different too due to its ingredients and its condiments.
There's shrimps,slices of fish cakes, eggs, glass noodles, bean sprouts and "Tau Pok" in it.
"Tau Pok"is a soya bean curd and it has a spongy texture, it soaks up the
gravy, giving you a burst of gravy when you put it into your mouth.
I <3 it!

If I'm not wrong, this is the Opera chocolate cake,look at the chocolate balls with gold dusts! Isn't it pretty? It's yummy too!

My lil brother!

My mum with her platter of japanese food (:

After tea, we went shopping and my brother got his sports apparels and i got some stationaries which I feel so sinful after spending so much! They are just soooo lovely and I can't resist temptations! I am not going to spend any un-needed money until the start of August and as a punishment, I will have to save half of my pocket money every single day until August.
Anyways, I went to the shop name TYPO. It's an Australian brand and it has so many lovely stationaries which is not a good thing for my wallet!

Six more washi tapes added into my collection! I like the copper-ish metallic one!

A "Boy Voyage" passport holder.

A pack of 6 vintage card sets.

Lastly, some mini pockets to put in some mini cards!

Yup that's it! Have you guys been to typo? Or have spent any money which you regretted after paying? :( Tell me in the comments box below!



Mariza from the Netherlands. I've seen the cheese boulders on TV some time ago and I really like all these festivals or traditional activities they have in the other countries. It's really unique!

Here are the lovely goodies she've sent me! Thanks Mariza!

This letter is from Karen in the UK!

This one is from Melanie in France!

Here are the goodies she've sent me. one magnet is missing as I've placed it on my pencil holder (:

Here's a letter from my cousin,Beverly(:
I probably shouldn't frost half of the picture but i haven't found a good way to
hide the address. How do everyone of your out there hide your addresses on the letters? Tell me about it if you don't mind sharing (:


This one is for Mariza, a handmade envelope for her and some handmade goodies!
I haven't placed the stamps and airmail stickers but I'll do it soon!

This one is for Melanie.

This is another envelope which I've made and is pleased with it.
It's for Yasmeen. She's my new pen pal and this is our first letter!
This is a significant one as the first letter always mark the beginning of a new friendship!
Don't you guys agree? (:

Last but not least, this is for Beverly! Bev have already received her letter as it takes only a day to deliver a letter to a friend who's also living in Singapore. Haha!

Okay so I hope you all enjoy this post and have not fallen asleep reading it! What do everyone of you who are out there reading my blog think about today's post? Tell me about it!
 Just to let everyone know, after the next week, I'll go back to school and I will be focusing on my studies. I'll still do snail mail with my beloved pen pals but I can only write during the weekends.(no worries!) I can't wait till November when I'll have the rest of the time to do whatever I desire. *sigh*

Enjoy your weekends ,take care!

P.s. Thanks everyone who have participated in my giveaway, all suggestions are highly appreciated!



  1. Hiya Gladys! Just dropping by to tell you that I have received your lovely postcard! Will send one back soon but then you haven't gave me your snail mail add yet. Can you please email me? :)


  2. If I came to Singapore, would you teach me to use the sticks us your mother does in the picture? :)

    1. The chopsticks?(; okay no problem! Hahaha!

  3. I loved this update! I especially loved the envelope going out to Yasmeen. It looked great!

    1. Hey Jen! Thank you so much! I'm glad you like this post! Thank you for your compliments about the mail art!

  4. Great pictures, Gladys! It looks like you found some really neat stationery. :)

    1. Hi Marian,thanks for stopping by! How are you? I hope my letter will arrive to you soon!

  5. How good is Typo? I didn't know they had stores overseas! The girls in my local Typo know me now, I go in that often!

    Lover the way you decorate your envelopes!

    x Jasmine

    PS. Happy birthday to your Mum!

    1. Hi Jasmine (: Thank you for your birthday wishes,I'll tell my mum about it! ^^ In Singapore there are two Typo shops in town and I love them! It's always so crowded in there! haha!

      Thank you for your compliments about the mail art!


  6. Hi Gladys,

    Today I received your envelope & goodies! :) Thank you! I'll send you an envelope again o.k.??

    Bye! Mariza

  7. Hey how are you Mariza?(: I'm glad you got my letter! I hope you like it! It would be nice to receive another letter from you. Thank you so much(: have a nice day!

  8. I'm fine, how are you? ;) Yeah, I like it, and I will send something back very soon :)

    1. I'm doing pretty well myself too, thank you(:

      Okay can't wait for your letter(:
      Take care!


  9. Wow Gladys, such a nice post:) I always love your entries -- so cheerful and full of detailed, colorful pictures(: I've never heard of "Typo" before but it looks like a really kool store! I will be writing you soon(: take care. xoxo


    1. Hi Katie! Thank you! I am so glad that you enjoy looking at the pictures! It's really heartening! Okay, I'll wait for your letter! Take care! And I hope you're doing well!