Saturday, June 9, 2012

Outing Letters! (2nd week of June)

I've just finished writing these letters and hoping to send them out ASAP so my lovely friends could get them ASAP too!

So I'm chillaxing on my armchair, blogging while listening to some indie songs. I'm tired but I don't want to sleep this early on a Saturday night! Wouldn't it be wasted?(: *sigh*

Today after school (I know it's Saturday but I still have school :), while I was walking home, a bunch of boys which i don't even know called me some nasty names while they passed by me. I ignored them and walked away. Initially I felt a little fearful and I don't know why I felt like sobbing.

But I did not because I felt that I shouldn't be that weak and let some ignorant people crush my self esteem.
I have no idea why I'm talking about this but I feel better after writing it out on my blog :) So I hope you guys don't mind me telling you all these little things that have happened in my life.

Have a lovely Saturday y'all!

P.s.3 more followers and I will do the giveaway! I'm excited about it myself! (:


  1. I love the little papers you use, so cute! and about those boys, what losers!! I would have done the same thing and ignored them. People can be so ignorant.

  2. Hi Katie :) I hate those people too! I can never understand why hurting people is so fun for them!