Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letters Update (Week before School Reopens)

Hey Guys! How are you all doing?(: I've been extremely busy with my homework, I still have a lot of them waiting for me to complete so here's a quick update of my Incoming/Outgoing letters! I always have a lot of pictures, I hope you guys won't find them too long and will like them!


So far, for this week, I've only received one letter and that
is from my cousin, Beverly!

Today I was doing my usual morning routine, but it was not that usual anymore after the door bell rang while I was sweeping the floor. I ran to open the door and guess what?! The postlady was outside with two packakges in her hands!
 Goodness! I was elated!
Okay let's reveal the contents of the packages together!

The first one is from Sara in the UK!
(The HOPE blocks is not from her, that's just what i use to cover the address.)

Sara sent me so many bars of chocolates! I haven't tried them yet but I'll soon do it!

And a letter!

And this Jack union pendant she made!

And a pencil!

Her pendant is now on my pencil case as I think it matches my pencil case really well! By the way, I love my pencil case!

Yup that's it for the first package! Thank You Sara!

Next, I have a package from Akiyo in Japan! This is the highlight of today's post (: Like most of the snail mailers, I am also participating in postcrossing. Akiyo was one of the people which I've sent postcard to and I always decorate the back of the postcards with washi tapes which I send to people. Upon receiving the postcard, Akiyo actually sent me a message to ask me if she could send me some Washi Tapes to thank me for the postcard. Can you believe it? It's only a postcard I've sent her and she wanted to thank me with rolls of washi tapes?! As a Washi tape collector, I kindly accepted her request BUT only if she will let me send her another package back (;

In this case, it's not the washi tapes she have sent me that I'm touched with but how a stranger could be so nice and appreciating!


Okay so here's what Akiyo have sent me:
(Once again, she did not send me the horsy drawing, it's for coverage purpose.)

Firstly,she have sent me some peach gummies!

Next, she sent me a ...towel ?
Hahaha! That's what I thought at first!
But look further down :)

It's a Rose+Mint Soap!
*What I like to do with soaps is to cut them into cubes and put them into a dish.

Some postcards with animes on it (:

And.....Tadah! Washi Tapes! I love it! I love it!

Yup! That's what Akiyo have sent me! Thank you soo soo much Akiyo!


 The first one goes to Karen from the UK! I've sent her some gifts such as a postcard, a chocolate bar, two pair of earrings,a bracelet and of course a letter!

The next one is for Akiyo! I've already pre-prepared her gifts after she email-ed me so I'll just have to write the letter and drop the chocolates into the envelope!

I am quite pleased with how I package the postcards and letter together. What do you guys think?(:

Here's the coaster for Akiyo as I know Japanese likes to drink tea a lot just like me!
I like the coaster ,there's the symbolic Merlion on it!

Last but not least, I have a letter for my dear cousin, Beverly!

The back.

Alrighty! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoy the rest of your week!
Here's hoping that everyone's mailbox will be filled with letters!

   p.s. My first giveaway is still open, feel free to join it!



  1. I would love to have a pen pal! how do you find them? :)

    You blog is fantastic! Thank you so much for your wonderful posts, I will be a regular visitor.

    1. Hello Isobel! Thank you for stopping by!
      I have made a reply on your blog!^^
      Thanks for the compliments too!

  2. Hi Gladys,

    would you be interested in getting a (new) snail mail pal from Germany? :) I'm following your blog for a while and you seem to be really interesting! :) I can tell you more about me before or if you agree, I'd tell you more in a letter. ;) Just tell me what you think!

    All the best,

  3. Such lovely, lovely mail. You're so thoughtful about choosing what to send in the packages.

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you for the compliments!

  4. (。◕‿◕。) Nice post! My eyes are glued to the screen when I saw the package you received from your Japanese pal! Washi tapes and anime cards ❤ School's reopening next week? What sec are you in or you're already studying in JC?

    1. Hey thanks Bree! Yup! I'm in last year of my secondary school!

  5. Wow that was so generous of your Japanese pal! I would have been blown away if a stranger wanted to send me some kool stuff! She is a treasure!! :)