Thursday, October 10, 2013

Outgoing (October)

Can you believe that it's October already?
2 more months and it is going to be Christmas!
Next week, I'll be returning to school... bummer! I've been enjoying my freedom a little too much.
This holiday is great, I've spent my time volunteering and getting crafty.
I love spending quiet times with myself.
Anyways, here are the outgoings for this month!
Sprinkling a little love on Francesca in Italy. She's actually my first pen pal and lately she sent me my first moleskine for my birthday. She's amazing and I love skyping with her.
The package is actually a compact blush.

A package to Akiyo in Japan.
I've sent her some biscuits and sweets from Singapore, I hope she will like it.
Letter to Marian.
Visit my instagram to take a look at what she have sent me.
Mini quote cards for her.

What are your plans for October?
Have a good month ahead!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Outgoing Mail (September 2013)

Mail to the beautiful Michelle @seaweedkisses

A mini song book for Michelle! It's filled with my favourite playlists.
This is a good and inexpensive little gift for your pen pals! I really had no idea how I came up with these ideas but I thought my pen pals may love to know about the songs and things I like so I made these to share with them!
(Click on the photos to enlarge and view the details.)


What's your favourite song lyrics?

Mail to Kait @cafeetpapier
She's my new pen pal and a really lovely girl with endless of creativity too!

An introduction booklet made for Kait so she will get to know more about me!
And guys, I have to admit, I really love dancing secretly to Shakira and Ricky Martin's songs and pretend that I am a hot belly dancer which I'm not. Hehe.

Mail to Vera, my new Chinese pen pal!
Super excited because ever since I've graduated from Secondary School, I have lesser opportunities to write in Chinese and I really love my Mother Tongue language. So now I could write in Chinese again at least twice a month!
Follow me on instagram?

Have a great September!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to blog!

Hello, it's been awhile...
How are you doing?
I hope all is well and I haven't been blogging for awhile now. I have been in my new school and semester 1 have officially ended! Currently, I'm enjoying my vacation! There are several things which I am working on right now.
Firstly, obtaining my driving license.
Secondly, about to be a volunteer at an educational event for children.
Thirdly, Watercolour Painting and Fabric Printing.
Lastly, Letter Writing.
All of these in a month and a half.
 I am still snail mailing and I've decided to start off my new post with my latest incoming mail from Michelle @seaweedkisses
Michelle is a really sweet pen pal and I always look forward to receiving letters from her.
This time round, she sent me 2 postcards,
Some goodies for my belated birthday (Yes, I have turned 18 in August!).

And I love this mini pocket/envelope especially, I will use it to put little photographs and keep it in my wallet and hopefully, Good Fortune will follow me (and you)! And it matches my
nail polish, doesn't it?

I will update you guys when I have more incoming and outgoing mail.
 Thank you for reading!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Katie's Package (Outgoing)

Hey everyone!
Do you remember my last post about the swap Katie and I did?
She sent me so many products in USA which I couldn't find in Singapore so I sent her a package too!
And I am revealing what I've sent to her in this post!

Katie's Package (OUTGOING)

Here's the packaging of it!
 Katie and I are both in love with floral prints so I wrapped her package up in floral wrapping paper! Furthermore, I thought this is Spring appropriate!

1) Wooden Stamps

2)Watercolour Crayons for Katie's Lovely daughters!

3) Three of my favourite pens in different colours and design.

4) A pack of Kraft Envelopes!

5) Letter Sets!
(Russian Doll Letter Set)

(Cute Deer Letter Set)

(Four-leaf Clover Letter Set)

(Floral Prints Letter Set)

6) Floral Fabric & Clip Purse Frames

7) Glassine Bags

8) 3 rolls of Fabric Tapes

9) Floral Washi Tape

(Side View)

10) Embroidery Washi Tape

(Side View)

Everything in Package 1.

There's a package 2!
I've sent Katie a package 2 as I felt that I didn't get her enough things and that the Washi Tape which she love isn't in stock yet when I gathered the things for package 1.
So here's package 2!

Here's the packaging!
Floral prints again! Hahaha!

1) Letter sets!
(Kraft Bear Letter Set)

2) Letter Set!
(Floral Prints and Bow Letter Set)

3) The Washi Tape which Katie wanted initially!

(side view)


That's it!
What do you guys think about what I've sent Katie?
I really hope she will like them all and is pleased with it!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Mail Updates!

Random Mail Updates
I've been in a mess lately, I've sent out all the letters to my pen pals almost immediately when I received their letters! Because my school is starting next week officially, I am afraid that I may not have time to write to them. And another thing is, the incoming letters have been a little slow lately so I am still waiting for them.
 I am almost in a rush so I didn't photograph the outgoing letters.
But I did for some so here it is!

My mailbox have been empty for awhile now so I can't wait for more letters to be mailed to me!
Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Singapore Philatelic Museum!

Today there's an exciting post for you guys!
I went to the Philatelic Museum with my bestie and I just came back home awhile ago!
It was a lovely trip, the museum is really beautiful and there are so many stamps over there!
If you are a snailmail lover, a postcrosser, a stamp collector or you just love retro stuffs, you should visit there when you come to Singapore!
Here are the photos which I've taken:
Singapore Philatelic Museum!
The weather was really nice but warm at the same time.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these mailboxes!
And here's the miniature of the Singpore's Post Box!
Here's the World Map with the stamps of different countries!
Even the bathroom in the museum is decorated with the philatelic theme!

There was a Star Wars exhibition but unfortunately I am not a Star Wars fan.
I'm a Harry Potter/Narnia fan!

Here's Heaven for you if you're a stamp collector!

Me and my bestie, Kexin!

I took the opportunity to sit down after the tour and send out a few postcards to my pen pals!
I hope they will like it!

Lunch today!
I was starving after lots of walking!

I had a wonderful trip and I will definitely visit it again when they have different exhibitions!