Thursday, October 10, 2013

Outgoing (October)

Can you believe that it's October already?
2 more months and it is going to be Christmas!
Next week, I'll be returning to school... bummer! I've been enjoying my freedom a little too much.
This holiday is great, I've spent my time volunteering and getting crafty.
I love spending quiet times with myself.
Anyways, here are the outgoings for this month!
Sprinkling a little love on Francesca in Italy. She's actually my first pen pal and lately she sent me my first moleskine for my birthday. She's amazing and I love skyping with her.
The package is actually a compact blush.

A package to Akiyo in Japan.
I've sent her some biscuits and sweets from Singapore, I hope she will like it.
Letter to Marian.
Visit my instagram to take a look at what she have sent me.
Mini quote cards for her.

What are your plans for October?
Have a good month ahead!


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