Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My birthday!

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for my absence for the past 2 weeks. I've been über busy with my exams as August is my exam month! But this year, my birthday was actually a public holiday in Singapore (Hari Raya: a festive occasion for my Malay friends in Singapore.). That means that I could celebrate my birthday! (usually my birthday is during the exam period.)

So below are the photos! (I'm in the bus right now so I'm blogging with my phone! Sorry!)

1) 2 new Washi Tapes which I bought for myself! Teehee! They have the stamps and safety pins prints.

2) The toy camera which one of my best friends gave me as I'm always taking photo, the camera reminds her of me.

3 The Kate Spade bag my mum got me for my birthday! There's a matching wallet as well but I did not take the photograph of it.

4) A notebook my classmates gave to me which I love as it has floral prints!

Okay, I'll so a letters update ASAP! Take Care guys!

Monday, August 27, 2012

A birthday package from Japan!

One of my pen pals, the really sweet Akiyo from Japan have sent me a birthday package a week ago and I'm so delighted to receive it! It was a pleasant surprise!

I can't thank her enough for the lovely gifts! Thank you so much Akiyo!

Inside the package:
1) 2 poppin' cookin' set! (zomg! I wanted this for so long!!! And Akiyo sent it to me even though I did not tell her about it! I'll do a post on this after I try out the kits and also for those who have no idea what it is!)
2) A pack of baby stickers!
3) A puppy notepad!
4) A lovely pink comb!
5) 3 rolls of paper tapes which are lovely as well!
6)A phone charm!
7) And my ultimate favourite, the BEAUTIFUL birthday card!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore!

Hey people! Today is Singapore's 47th Birthday and I just want to say:


Alright! So today I will do a post on my homeland, SINGAPORE!

Firstly, let me tell you more about Singapore! I believe that it will be easier to read if I tell you guys some facts in point forms.

Let's Start!

  • It has been 47 years since Singapore became independent on 9th August,1965.
  • Singapore was once a colony of the United Kingdom.
  • Singapore is also known as the "Lion City".
  • The 4 main races living in Singapore are the Chinese,Malays,Tamils and Eurasians. But regardless of race and religion, we are a nation. This leads me to my next point.
  • Due to the multi racial society, we have 4 official languages in Singapore: English, Mandarin (Chinese), Malay and Tamil.
  • One of the famous monuments we have is the Merlion which is a statue with a Lion Head & a Fish Tail.
    Secondly, let me show all of you what my school did during the National Day Celebration this year!

(Above: A collage my classmates and I did on the local food.)

(Below: Everyone in red and white which are the colours of our National flag.)

(Below: The National Parade held in my school.)

(Below: Free style drills by the National Cadet Corps. The girl in red is the photographer.)

(Below: My juniors from The Girl's Brigade!)


Now, let me show you the photos of Singapore's National Day Parade.
(Photos are taken from Google.)

When all Singaporean students are in Primary Five, they are given an opportunity to watch the National Day Parade. I can remember clearly when I went to watch the parade. There were tattoos of the Singapore flag on my face and hands. Everyone were in red and white. It was breath-taking and
A-MAZING! I love the experience so much! I sung the national day songs so loudly and I was really so proud to be a Singaporean! Right now,I still feel really proud to be a Singaporean and Singapore will forever be my homeland!


Next, I will post 2 of the frequent questions which my pen pals like to ask me about Singapore!

1. What is your favourite local food?

I've talked about this before in my previous post but I'll just tell you guys what is it again!
Laksa is quite similar to curry noodles but at the same time
it's really different too due to its ingredients and its condiments.
There are clams, shrimps,slices of fish cakes, eggs, glass noodles, bean sprouts and "Tau Pok" in it.
"Tau Pok"is a soya bean curd and it has a spongy texture, it soaks up the
gravy, giving you a burst of gravy when you put it into your mouth.

2 .What is something unique about Singapore?


Singlish is like a slang Singaporeans used due to the multi-languages we speak in Singapore.

Singlish is used by local Singaporeans. Personally (as a Singaporean), I think that the reason Singaporeans speaks Singlish is because it sounds more friendly.

But this is highly discourage by the government as it is more appropriate if we speak good English.

For example:
(from Wikipedia)

Leh (/lɛ́/), from Hokkien (leh 咧), is used to soften a command, request, claim, or complaint that may be brusque otherwise:
<Gimme leh. – Please, just give it to me.>
<How come you don't give me leh? – Why aren't you giving it to me?>

/siâo/ Siao is a common word in Singlish. Literally, it means crazy.
<You siao ah? – * Are you crazy? (With sarcasm)>


Lastly, I will end my post with 3 of my favourite National Day songs!
Although these songs are not the typical pop songs everyone globally listens to but they are really meaningful to us, Singaporeans!

The first one is "We Will Get There" by Stefanie Sun. It is the National Day song of Singapore in 2002!

The next one is "Where I belong" by Tanya Chua (2001).

The last one is "My Island Home" by Kaira Gong (2006).

I hope you guys will get to know more about Singapore in this post and

P.s. Scroll down for my incoming & outgoing letters update!

Letters Update!


I've gotten so many postcards this week and they are all really brilliant!

This first one is this black and white retro celebrity postcard! I love it!
He is Humphrey Bogart & She is Lauren Bacall.

A postcard from Moscow. This is the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.
The architecture of the museum is so beautiful!

From my pen pal, Louise from Denmark. She was on vacation so she sent me this postcard from Croatia. The whole island look like a dolphin!

And one from Melanie in France. She's my french pen pal and she looks like Adele! She went on vacation to Saint Tropez and got me this postcard! Lovely!

One from the Scandinavian Heritage Park!

Yesterday I've gotten 2 more postcards from Melanie. It's the Famous Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower!

A letter from Karen who's an English but went to Japan to visit her family members in Japan!

Look at the lovely stamps! I've gotten 2 Hello Kitty Stamps now! I was a huge fan of Hello Kitty in the past!

A letter from Louise in the UK!

A letter from Elijah in Canada!

Written with quill pen and ink! Sweeeet~!


Recently, due to my hectic schedule, I do not have much time to write letters but I always try my best to write and send the letters back ASAP! So this time round I have 8 outgoing letters & 5 postcards!
I have some more long letter replies which I've yet to send out (probably 2 more) but I'll send it out by this week!

Alright now for the:


For Katie in the Uk! Those are Fabric Tapes on the envelope!

To my BFFs which I've met 10 years ago!
They are twins!
I heart them <3

Open on the table...
there will be a surprise!

This is for Karen in the UK!

Melanie in France!

Elijah in Canada! ( Sorry about the lighting,it's too bright isn't it?)
It's a cloud with rain drops!

Another close-up!

For Mariza in Netherlands! The glitter cut-out reminds me of Christmas which I love so much!

For Louise in the Uk!

All the postcards going out!

For Katie in the USA!

For my favourite teacher who have migrated to Australia!
She is a lovely lady and I miss her so much!

Instructions to open the letter!

A lovely "Keep Me" mini envelope with my love in it!

A Happy Birthday card to my tutor!
I hope she will like it!

I hope all the letters will reach the respective people safely!<3