Monday, August 27, 2012

A birthday package from Japan!

One of my pen pals, the really sweet Akiyo from Japan have sent me a birthday package a week ago and I'm so delighted to receive it! It was a pleasant surprise!

I can't thank her enough for the lovely gifts! Thank you so much Akiyo!

Inside the package:
1) 2 poppin' cookin' set! (zomg! I wanted this for so long!!! And Akiyo sent it to me even though I did not tell her about it! I'll do a post on this after I try out the kits and also for those who have no idea what it is!)
2) A pack of baby stickers!
3) A puppy notepad!
4) A lovely pink comb!
5) 3 rolls of paper tapes which are lovely as well!
6)A phone charm!
7) And my ultimate favourite, the BEAUTIFUL birthday card!


  1. Wow what a nice surprise! I used to LOVE getting packages from Japan when I had my first Japanese penpals, when I was 14 :) We used to send packages back and forth... your pictures take me back, hehe. Very lovely things, so sweet of your friend.

    1. Yep! i Heart packages from Japan too! They are always so exciting!