Thursday, August 9, 2012

Letters Update!


I've gotten so many postcards this week and they are all really brilliant!

This first one is this black and white retro celebrity postcard! I love it!
He is Humphrey Bogart & She is Lauren Bacall.

A postcard from Moscow. This is the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.
The architecture of the museum is so beautiful!

From my pen pal, Louise from Denmark. She was on vacation so she sent me this postcard from Croatia. The whole island look like a dolphin!

And one from Melanie in France. She's my french pen pal and she looks like Adele! She went on vacation to Saint Tropez and got me this postcard! Lovely!

One from the Scandinavian Heritage Park!

Yesterday I've gotten 2 more postcards from Melanie. It's the Famous Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower!

A letter from Karen who's an English but went to Japan to visit her family members in Japan!

Look at the lovely stamps! I've gotten 2 Hello Kitty Stamps now! I was a huge fan of Hello Kitty in the past!

A letter from Louise in the UK!

A letter from Elijah in Canada!

Written with quill pen and ink! Sweeeet~!


Recently, due to my hectic schedule, I do not have much time to write letters but I always try my best to write and send the letters back ASAP! So this time round I have 8 outgoing letters & 5 postcards!
I have some more long letter replies which I've yet to send out (probably 2 more) but I'll send it out by this week!

Alright now for the:


For Katie in the Uk! Those are Fabric Tapes on the envelope!

To my BFFs which I've met 10 years ago!
They are twins!
I heart them <3

Open on the table...
there will be a surprise!

This is for Karen in the UK!

Melanie in France!

Elijah in Canada! ( Sorry about the lighting,it's too bright isn't it?)
It's a cloud with rain drops!

Another close-up!

For Mariza in Netherlands! The glitter cut-out reminds me of Christmas which I love so much!

For Louise in the Uk!

All the postcards going out!

For Katie in the USA!

For my favourite teacher who have migrated to Australia!
She is a lovely lady and I miss her so much!

Instructions to open the letter!

A lovely "Keep Me" mini envelope with my love in it!

A Happy Birthday card to my tutor!
I hope she will like it!

I hope all the letters will reach the respective people safely!<3


  1. Lovely pictures! I really like that black and white postcard. It's very glamorous.

    1. Hi Marian! Yeah! I love it too, I was so happy when I got it!

  2. Your Singapore stamps are awesome!
    Is that Shin Chan drawed on your letter to Cecilia and Caroline?

    1. Hi Thank you Penny! omg! I wasn't expecting anyone to know that, that is shinchan! To me, Caroline and Cecilia, shinchan is our childhood memories as we love watching it! And I have two of the shinchan plushies at home! Hehe!(:

  3. Aww I love all your mail. So pretty :) I can't wait to hear from you again! :););)

    1. Hi Katie! Hope you're doing well! And I hope my letter will reach you soon!

  4. Great mail! And the fabric tapes you used are really pretty. :)

  5. Wow you got some beautiful mail there! :) I've never seen Hello Kitty stamps before! ^^

    Greetings from Maine, USA
    Alex :)

    1. Hey Alex! Thank you so much! You have a lovely blog as well! I love it! Thanks for passing by!