Friday, August 3, 2012

New Stationeries!

  Hello everyone! Greetings from SINGAPORE! It's about to rain here in Singapore, sheer grey clouds covering the skies and the wind blowing onto me, I'm feeling rather comfortable (falling asleep soon ). Yesterday I had a bad headache and I did not go to school! I was sleeping on my bed the whole day! But I've gotten a good rest and everything's better now fortunately!
Yup, so I thought I will do a short post now to show you guys some stationeries I've gotten recently.

I know people always say that, "I don't need any fancy stationeries for snail mailing, I'm fine with my pen and paper!"

Me: That's true! *nods head*
Isn't it better to have some lovely stationeries to enhance the appearance and the content of your letter? Every piece of them is an artwork! Keep it until your 80 years old and give it to your descendants and that masterpiece letter may be worth like a thousand or a million dollars! Don't you guys agree?

Me: YEAH! *nods head x100* ( thinking about how much my artpiece is worth after six decades)...

Okay,long story short! Let me show you guys what I've gotten!

First and foremost, two adorable Lion and Piggy letter sets for my dear cousin, Beverly! I believe she will like it and she is only ten years old! She is actually my local pen pal as well ! Snail mailing can be contagious, when you send the opposite party the first one, it will never stop (or maybe it will? I don't know?)

I've gotten some sparkly origami paper to be sent to my pen pals!


My favourite stationery out of all which I've gotten! The vintage letter set with a notepad, few airmail envelopes, eiffel tower magnets and some photography stickers = AWESOME!
I just want to keep them and admire the whole set, sometimes it's hard to part with your favourite stationeries...

Okay guys, I love these bookmarks which have vintage propagandas / pin-ups pictures on it!
Thus, I have gotten 2 of them! One for myself and another to be sent to my pen pals! Good things must be shared!

Finally, i got these letter sets that contains 2 envelopes and 4 writing papers!
I love the illustrations on it and this only costs a dollar (Singapore dollar) each!

My favourite out of the three!

Alright! I will do another post on my incoming/outgoing letter as soon as I can. I haven't got a lot of letters this week as almost all of my pen pals are out on vacation (I'm so envious!!!)  so I'm probably going to combine the letters I've gotten for 2 weeks together and make it into a post!



  1. Hey girl! I love all the stationary! Especially the vintage ones! You and I both have a love for it :) Awesome! xoxo

  2. That's some neat stuff! The illustrations are so pretty.

  3. I hope you feel better now, Gladys! Your new stationery is wonderful, especially vintage letter set. I love it!