Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Singapore Philatelic Museum!

Today there's an exciting post for you guys!
I went to the Philatelic Museum with my bestie and I just came back home awhile ago!
It was a lovely trip, the museum is really beautiful and there are so many stamps over there!
If you are a snailmail lover, a postcrosser, a stamp collector or you just love retro stuffs, you should visit there when you come to Singapore!
Here are the photos which I've taken:
Singapore Philatelic Museum!
The weather was really nice but warm at the same time.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these mailboxes!
And here's the miniature of the Singpore's Post Box!
Here's the World Map with the stamps of different countries!
Even the bathroom in the museum is decorated with the philatelic theme!

There was a Star Wars exhibition but unfortunately I am not a Star Wars fan.
I'm a Harry Potter/Narnia fan!

Here's Heaven for you if you're a stamp collector!

Me and my bestie, Kexin!

I took the opportunity to sit down after the tour and send out a few postcards to my pen pals!
I hope they will like it!

Lunch today!
I was starving after lots of walking!

I had a wonderful trip and I will definitely visit it again when they have different exhibitions!


  1. I wish I could visit it too one day! It seems so interesting and wonderful to see! <3

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