Sunday, March 24, 2013

Thank You!

Hey everyone!
Recently, I am spending more time with myself before my school starts again, that explains why I have wrote 3 posts in 2 days. This post is a little random, I was bored and I started checking out who's following my blog. Excitingly, I found out some snail mail blogs which are really interesting and I think I am going to start bookmarking their blogs and read it often! Thus, I thought I will share some of them with you people!
1) A Peachy Life
I love the layout of the blog when I first entered it! It has a really vintage feeling to it  
and the owner of the blog is JoAnna. She's a fine art student, that's really cool! (Random Fact: I was an art student in Secondary school and when I enter my new school in April, I am going to be an art student again!)  JoAnna posted a lot of lovely pictures about her pen paling adventure which I think snail mailers will like!
2) Lola's Writing Place
The blog belongs to Lola from Belgium and she writes about her life, snail mail and everything!
She received a lot of really nice letters and I like her Christmas post which she shares with everyone what she received for Christmas. And her boyfriend is super sweet!
3) Anna Blogs
Annie is from Russia, I believe. This is another wonderful blog about snail mail and Annie's life in Russia. She has posts on storage ideas, letter writing and many more so take a look at her blog if you could!
I am also taking this opportunity to thank people, strangers and friends who read my blog!
I really appreciate it!
I am also out of blogs to read so if anyone have good recommendations (even your own blog), please email me to tell me about it or comment below if you don't mind.
Thank YOU!

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