Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Letters Update (March 2013)

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since I last updated my blog, the last post was in January and it's March already! The third month of 2013! Time flies!
Things haven't been going right for me for the past two months, it's so dramatic that I could hardly digest it.
What happened?
1) My grandmother was ill and needed an operation.
2) My vacation to China was cancelled.
3) My Laptop was having some problems.
4) I have graduated from my Secondary School (high school) and now I'm applying for a new school. There are so many complicated procedures and orientations to attend. *sigh*
Finally, things are going a little smoother in my life and I am beginning to settle down in 2013.
Thus, here's my first Letter Update of the year 2013.
Letters Update (Incoming)
Letter from Akiyo (Japan) and I always love receiving stamps from Japan.
They are really adorable!
Pikachu! I used to love it when I was a child.
Akiyo sent me a several postcards as well and they are really lovely!

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets postcard!

Another postcard with cute duckies illustrations.
A letter and a friendship wristband from Megan (New Zealand).

A letter from Marian (USA),
I always love her handmade envelope and the quotes she enclosed in the letter.
She is an amazing, really down-to-earth person and she updates her blog almost everyday.
I believe you guys will love her blog so visit it when you are free.
A letter from my new pen pal, Michelle (USA).
She's another wonderful blogger and I look forward to writing to her!

She sent me a Valentine's Day Card and I kept smiling to myself when I received it.
It's really beautiful.
The lovely quote on the card (:
And Michelle included some teabags in the mail too!  

Here's a package from Louise(UK).
We chat online almost everyday and she's like my best bud.
We have decided to send one another packages according to theme monthly and the theme for last month was "Floral".
Thus, she sent me a package with items related to floral.

A letter fro Louise.

And the items she got me for the theme, "Floral".
She got me a pair of chopsticks with floral prints, a daffodils cross stitch set, a roll of floral ribbon and two packs of flower scrapbooking decorations.
According to Louise, daffodils are the flowers that bloom in Spring/Summer in UK, thus, she got me the cross stitch set.

A thank you card to Tiia (Finland), both the card and envelope are made by Marian and given to me.

A letter to Megan(New Zealand) and of course, I have included some goodies for her.

A letter to Akiyo (Japan) with a distressed Moustache.

A letter to Bree (Malaysia).
A letter to Marian.

A letter to Louise (UK).
And for Louise, the theme for this month is "Sweet".
I have prepared a package for her filled with something sweet and I can't reveal what is in it yet.
Theme of the month for Louise.
A letter and a postcard for Moe (China).  
My first Chinese pen pal!
 I cannot remember if I have mentioned this before, I love writing in Chinese despite not being able to remember all the Chinese characters.
I have to use a Chinese dictionary everytime I write to Moe but I enjoy doing it!
The stamp on Moe's postcard and my chinese handwriting!

Have a great week ahead, everyone!