Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Louise's Birthday Package!

Louise's Birthday Package!
Hey everyone!
In just a few more days, it will be my lovely pen pal, Louise's birthday and I got her some gifts.
First of all, I got her a lime green & gold bangle.
Another view of the bangle, it seems like nothing's special about it but take a closer look......

Look at words carved on the inner side of the bangle!
It says "Happy Go Lucky"!
 I thought this is such an unique bangle!
It's lime green which matches Louise's bubbly character and I really hope she will be happy and worry-less everyday.
That's why I got her the bangle!
The adorable box to store the bangle!
Another thing I got Louise, is the Paris-themed Calendar.
This is a practical gift and I really thought that this will be useful because after she is done with using the calendar, she can take the pictures out and frame it.

The photographs are really beautiful and the hue of the photographs matches Louise's bedroom.
Another page of the calendar.

I have included a birthday letter into the package and I hope Louise will like all the gifts I have gotten her.
Recent Photos:
One of my favourite corners in my bedroom!
Some of the fragrances I am using for this month with framed photographs on the back.
My dad painted the piggy bank for me when I was a child and I still love it!
It's super adorable!

Lunar New Year is nearing! These are my favourite LNY goodies!

Went jogging with my Bff on this beautiful morning.

Lunch at Burger King with my other Bff!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Have a lovely week you too, Gladys :) I love that "Happy go Lucky" bracelet, Louise is such a good penpal indeed! Hope you have a good LNY as well, Chinese communities living in Barcelona celebrate it too! I'm really looking forward to the event! <3

  2. The calendar is so beautiful :) I'm sure she will love it!