Monday, January 14, 2013


Hey people, I know I haven't been posting any posts recently,I am very frustrated with it! My blogger isn't working at all, I am unable to upload any photos onto my blog. Whenever I try to upload photos, the upload button disappears. It's so frustrating and I am trying to work things out so if anyone of you know what's happening, please help me. I am a computer idiot,really.


  1. hi

    I had the same problem I'll try to explain it to you how it works.: Just do what you normally do, klikk on the picture image then go to from this blog.and then you see on the top of the frame picasa web albums (at least that's what there's standing in my language)but is smaller typed than the rest and its blue.can you see it? when you did that there you can upload your pictures :) If you have any questions just ask! :D

    Greets Lotte

    1. Hey Lotte! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it! But it's still a hassle to upload photos, i really hope will solve the problems soon!