Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sharing a tiny part of Singapore with you......

Laksa? I have mentioned it in that post.
It is one of my favourite foods in the world and it is "sort of" a local dish.
Why did I say "sort of"? It is because this dish is also available in Malaysia, Indonesia and some countries in Asia. There are different variations of this dish, I have no idea what other variations taste like but I like the ones in Singapore tremendously.
I really want to share with my international friends/readers/pen pals  this amazing dish
 but I cannot send them the piping hot ones right?
here it is!
Laksa Cup Noodles!
How convenient, just put in boiling hot water ,wait for 5 mins and voila!
It may not be as good as the ones we have in Singapore but I really hope that I could share this unique flavoured noodles with friends from all over the world!
Picture: Laksa cup noodle for Akiyo in Japan!
It is also my first cylinder-shaped package! It's super cute in my opinion!
(note: Love the 'fragile' washi tape as well!)
I really hope that Akiyo will like the noodles!
And if anyone is to visit Singapore in the future, you have to try it in our local hawker centres!
(P.s. Rmb when I told you guys about the issues
I have with uploading photos onto my blog? I googled about it and I realised I am not the only one who is having problems with uploading photos. I really hope that will solve the issues soon! T-T)


  1. I want to visit Singapore by the time I'm an exchange student in Korea ^^ And Laksa it's obviously one of the dishes in my Spore food wishlist haha :) I also heard Rojak and chiecken rice! Yumyumyum ^_^

  2. Your wrapping is so cute! I love it! (and I love ramyun noodles....mmm!)