Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gladys's life update!

The first 15 days of January ...
What have I done?
I have finally graduated from my Secondary School, it's bittersweet to leave my school because it's like my second home. I really miss it even though it's not even six months since I left. Sometimes, I still wander back to my school, to help my juniors, to chat with my teachers and even just to do absolutely nothing.
I guess I am just the kind who likes to reminisce and go back to some places which makes me feel comfortable and assured.
Anyways, my job's contract have terminated therefore, right now I am staying home and doing things I like until I go to college in March. I am really exhausted, i felt like December just came and went. It's unpredictably fast and I totally missed out on Christmas! Thus, I am giving myself a long break. Usually, I am a workaholic/studyholic so I cannot imagine doing nothing. I will be really lost. The typical insane-life-planner Gladys have planned out what she will do during her break:
1) Send more letters!
2) Read more books!
3) Do some painting/drawing!
4) Do some embroidery!
5) Learn some new skills!
6) Do some exercise!
7) Do all the things above & save up (no splurging)!
Breathe in, breathe out~
Recent Photos:
Books I have bought recently and I planned to finish reading them soon!
Have anyone read any of them?
Cosmetic books by experts which I can get tips from.
Par Avion (Airmail) Washi Tape!
OMG! Did anyone know that this design exists?
It's a funny story how I "met" this tape.
I was fortunate enough that the mall which i was working at have 5 shops selling Washi Tapes (I know, it's heaven for stationeries lovers.). Thus, during one of my dinner breaks, I went to visit my favourite place that sells Washi Tapes, I was fumbling through the tapes to see if there's any new designs. After like five mins, I cannot find any which I like and I was about to leave when I saw this tape on the floor at a corner. Someone must have hid it but I found it!
It must have been fate!
I am totally in love with this design! <3
And here's another Washi tape!
This is another long story (but I'll cut it short) !
My colleague actually gave this to me, I was pleasantly surprised!
I haven't told any of my colleagues about my obsession with these tapes but coincidentally, my colleague gave this to me on my last day of work as she said I am the "art-and-craft" type of person so this may be handy to me.
Of course, I love it & I am really grateful for it!
The awesome meringue tart with lemon curd in it!
Drip Bag coffee from Japan, why do Japan always come out with such cool innovations?
I have no idea if anyone love Salsa dippings but I DO!
I am so obsess with this Tostitos Salsa!
It's spicy and with a hint of sourness, not lemon sour but it's just right.
  There's chunks of tomatoes and jalepenos in the tomato puree as well.
Good as appetiser along with some corn chips.
(It's a healthier alternative for snacks compared to potato chips too.)
Chinese Food with my best friend after attending a talk.
My favourite soup buns with 4 different flavours: Cheese, Foie Gras, Crab Roe and Original.
I have to say that the cheese flavoured ones are rather delicious.
We ate Red Bean souffles as well!
And of course, the comforting ramen with the soup stock which have been cooked for several hours,
Have a wonderful January everyone!


  1. great pictures! I read Paris, My Sweet last year. I thought it was pretty good. I liked reading about her life in paris, because I've never been to another country.

    1. Hey Marian! I'm excited to read paris, my sweet as well! It's seems like an awesome book!

  2. I love the washi tape! *hehe* :) And I have some Tostitos salsa in my fridge right now, I love eating it with Tostitos "A hint of lime" chips. mmmmm

    PS. I am going to email you in a min! :) xoxo

    1. Yes! The chips and salsa are awesome!
      Okay I'll check my mailbox in awhile!

  3. Sounds like you are going to keep busy. I haven't read any of the books, but heard that Wicked is fantastic. If you are into YA books, I've got a bunch of recommendations :) Oh, and I love the washi taps! I'm also planning to send more mail... at least, until my hands are full with the baby!

    1. Hi Jen, yep wicked is a broadway musical and I can't wait to read the book as well!