Friday, March 22, 2013

Christmas in March

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well!
Lately, other than being busy about the admission into a new school, I am also gathering stuffs for my first biggest swap!
My swap partner,Katie ,and I have been wanting to do the swap since last year (September).
But there were several problems, the postage was really expensive, even more expensive than the products we got for one another.
Now finally, we are capable of doing the swap after a bit of saving! 
Thus, this post is all about the package Katie have sent me!
I will reveal what I've sent her after she have received my package.
What is the package about?
We are getting one another things we cannot find in our countries.
Katie wanted some stationeries from Singapore and I wanted to try out some cosmetics from USA.
Here's what Katie got me:
When I got the package, I was so excited and silly me started screaming! I have no idea what Katie have gotten for me but I am sure I will love everything!
Maybelline's Mascara! I have seen many beauty gurus using this and I am excited to try it out!
Wet&Wild's Lip Gloss.
I haven't seen this lip gloss before but I really like the colour!

Milani's Eyeshadow Crayon
This is my first time having an eyeshadow crayon, I may need to check out how to use it! (HAHAHA)

L'oreal's Magic Souffle Blush!
I love souffles and I love blush!

Maybelline's Colour Tattoo!
OMG! I love this a lot and the colour is brilliant, we have colour tattoos in Singapore but I haven't seen this colour before!

Elf's Little Black Book
I honestly have no idea how to start using this palette, there are just so many colours!
But no worries, I will just experiment with it!

Revlon's Enchanted Eyeshadow quads

Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush
I heart this one and I am excited to use it!

Milani Brow Fix Kit

I specially requested Katie to get me these Baby Lips lip balm as I really want to try them out!
And I love it! I use them daily when I go work out, shopping and everywhere!
They smell really good too!

Wet and Wild Eyeshadows

Bath and Body Works Hand sanitizer
Here's another thing I requested Katie to get for me!
Just like the Baby Lips, I bring one of these babies eveywhere with me!
I am obsessed with them!!!
Happy Booster Blush
This is just beautiful!
I love them ( I love everything Katie have gotten me!)

Revlon's Cream Blush!
I am so excited to use this as cream blush feels lighter on skin especially in Singapore!
It's so warm here in Singapore. (i love it!)

Rimmel's Bronzer!
I want to tell Katie that she's so generous and kind!
I never never never expect her to send me so many things!
I love everything she have sent me,really!
I will use them as often as I could!
I will cherish everything and I am so grateful!
I am truly so fortunate to have her as my pen pal and to let me try out things I may never be able to try out in my life.
Right now, I honestly don't know if what I've gotten for her is enough because she sent me so many things! It's just like Christmas in March!
But I truly hope she will like what I have sent her!

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