Friday, March 22, 2013

Life Updates!

Just some photos on what I am up to lately!
One of my favourite foods! MUSHROOMS!
Portobellos especially!
I will have them with crepes for breakfast.
I like the natural taste of it so I will just drizzle some Olive Oil and sprinkle some mixed herbs and pepper salt.
They taste so good!
Ice-creams with my friends!
Am I the only one who like these chocolate eggs?
They are adorable!
Actually I just like the surprise feeling of getting the toy, the chocolate is honestly way too sweet!
I'm a dark chocolate person, are you?

So much childhood memories!
My favourite candies when I was a kid!

Shopping for Katie!
I'm in wonderland!
Katie's Package!
It's not in a box because there aren't things in it that will break.
Katie and I both love Florals!
Lastly, a photo of me and my besties!
Guys, I am really bad at taking photos!
I am definitely not photogenic, whenever i take photos with my phone, I will not know where to look at. I will just look into the screen instead of the camera eye.
Have A Lovely Weekend!



  1. Hello! May I know the place you shop for the washi tapes? Thanks! ^^

    1. Hi, I got it at NBC stationery shop. (:

    2. Thanks for your reply. May I know which outlet? XD

    3. I buy mine either at Raffles City's or takashimaya.