Friday, April 19, 2013

Katie's Package (Outgoing)

Hey everyone!
Do you remember my last post about the swap Katie and I did?
She sent me so many products in USA which I couldn't find in Singapore so I sent her a package too!
And I am revealing what I've sent to her in this post!

Katie's Package (OUTGOING)

Here's the packaging of it!
 Katie and I are both in love with floral prints so I wrapped her package up in floral wrapping paper! Furthermore, I thought this is Spring appropriate!

1) Wooden Stamps

2)Watercolour Crayons for Katie's Lovely daughters!

3) Three of my favourite pens in different colours and design.

4) A pack of Kraft Envelopes!

5) Letter Sets!
(Russian Doll Letter Set)

(Cute Deer Letter Set)

(Four-leaf Clover Letter Set)

(Floral Prints Letter Set)

6) Floral Fabric & Clip Purse Frames

7) Glassine Bags

8) 3 rolls of Fabric Tapes

9) Floral Washi Tape

(Side View)

10) Embroidery Washi Tape

(Side View)

Everything in Package 1.

There's a package 2!
I've sent Katie a package 2 as I felt that I didn't get her enough things and that the Washi Tape which she love isn't in stock yet when I gathered the things for package 1.
So here's package 2!

Here's the packaging!
Floral prints again! Hahaha!

1) Letter sets!
(Kraft Bear Letter Set)

2) Letter Set!
(Floral Prints and Bow Letter Set)

3) The Washi Tape which Katie wanted initially!

(side view)


That's it!
What do you guys think about what I've sent Katie?
I really hope she will like them all and is pleased with it!


  1. looks fab! :)
    have you finally got my email Gladys? ^_^

    1. Hi Sara, did you send me a second email?


    2. hi Gladys, I did sent you another one. It's just weird that you haven't received any from me :( Where else can I write to you? Or if you prefer I can give you mine privately, just tell me how to do it ;)

  2. I love the floral packaging! Can never get enough of florals!

    1. Hi Julie! Oh me too!!!! Hahaha! My fav print is floral!

  3. Wow, you sent her so many super great stuff! :D