Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hectic week!

Hello~ hello~people! How are you guys doing, I hope everything is going smoothly for you all! Well I'm just so busy with school although it's the holiday month! I'm rushing for my art coursework which is due in august. I know it's still long till the due date but never push things you can do today to another day. So I'm working extremely hard right now and hoping that I'll reap what I've sowed.

Okay so right now i'll tell you guys about my recent plans!

Firstly, it's summer! A trip to the beach is a must! Frankly speaking, I haven't been to a beach for a year or two already so I'm super duper thrilled to go to the beach with my bffs this summer!

Secondly,I'm going to the Harry Potter Exhibition that has arrive in Singapore! Yippee! I'm an old,loyal and forever potter fan!

Thirdly, recently I've visited a lot of blogs and I've seen so many of them raving about ...wait for it... WASHI TAPES! I have to confess that me myself, loves washi tapes too! Other than that, I also love fabric tapes! So to share the joy with the people who love these tapes, I'm giving away fabric tape and some other goodies when I have 12 followers!

Here are some goodies I'm giving away!
1) A full new letter set
2) Cute Korean rubber stamp set
3) A fabric tape
4) My favourite postcard of Singapore
5) Some other bonus goodies

Those are the gifts for one winner!

So if you guys like my blog, please tell your friends about it! To all my readers, thank you so much! You guys always makes me happy and brighten up my day! Thus, even if I've only one reader, I'll still continue writing!

Finally, I wish you guys have a lovely day ahead!

P.s.below are the photos of the gifts that I'm giving away and my collection of fabric tapes!


  1. Hi Gladys,

    Snail mail is coming your way...Watch my blog :)


  2. Such a great giveaway! Add me in!

  3. Sure lady k! I will do that!

  4. Replies
    1. Hahah yes I know it's my dear Kendra but I'm not sure if I should call you Kendra online so I thought I will call you Lady K! Hehe! Silly me!

  5. Gladys!! Hi!! I got your lovely letter today :) Thank you! I love your blog, its so cute! I'm following you now:) I'll write soon <3 btw, those stamps and tape are neat! xo