Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another update of my life~

Hi everyone! Well... here's another update of my life and I will start doing short posts, just to update everyone about what I am up to lately.
1) Here's another photo of the mail to Mollie which I have forgotten to upload in the previous post.
I have been sending christmas gifts to my pen pals and I am not revealing what I've sent as I know that some of them actually read my blog. I do not want to wreck the surprises so I am just posting the letter/card and the envelope of the packages.
OMG! It's a long story people. Alright, I will try and keep my story short. Since last year, a stray cat have been giving birth outside my apartment. I do not have a single idea why it chose my apartment. Last year the mummy cat gave birth to three kittens and this year, it gave birth to four! I am not a huge fan of cats before I met this mummy cat but now, I just love them. *sigh* Everytime when I come home, I see 5 cats waiting outside for me and they are just like my pets. I actually got to see all the kittens grow up, from purring to walking. Lucky me!

3) My mum actually came and met up with me after work yesterday and she gave me a indulging dinner treat. I love my mama <3
We went to a Japanese restaurant and had the famous curry and fried pork chops. While we were waiting for our food, we were given a grinder with sesame seeds in it so we could grind them for our dipping sauce. I had so much fun grinding the sesame seeds and I felt like I am such a kid.

Japanese Calamari(s) and tartar sauce.

Our platter of fried food with pickles and a bowl of curry next to it.
Yep, the portions of the food are so large which my mama and I could hardly finish all of them.
But we did. (wink wink)
The Pork Katsu was really good.
4) A birthday gift for my BFF, Kexin! She's turning 18! YAY!
Anyways, I am giving her a bag of Maybelline cosmetics as we both love cosmetics and are experienting with them!
And I wrote a super long message for the birthday card, very emotional and personal.
It's almost like writing an essay...I can't help it, I am just really long-winded.
Finally, I hope she will like them!
You may be wondering : Hey Gladys, where are the Christmas series posts which you have promised? Hmphf.
Of course I have not forgotten about them! I really want to do them but with sudden pop-ups in my life, it's a little tough to do some things which I want to do in my life but...
I will try and do them when I can!
Please forgive me.
And lastly, the winner of the giveaway will be announced in the next blog post!
Take Care eveyone!


  1. These cats are so adorable! <3 I love the idea of writing an 'essay' to your friend, it sounds nice. Great to see that you're back on your blog after your exams :)

  2. Aww kitties ^_^ That's so nice of you, I mean, the surprise you're preparing to your penpals! I'm actually doing that too, I'll send them random Christmas cards this week, so they can get them soon~ And omg, that Japanese restaurant looks delly! I assume it'll be better in Asia than in Europe itself haha, I'll compare it when I go there ^_^

    Hope you're having a happy December. Take care, Gladys!
    Love from


  3. You're extremely talented and very creative!

    Happy Holidays!