Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Series: Christmas Cards!

Christmas Cards
Hey everyone! I hope all of you are doing fine! This is the second post of the Christmas Series!
And it's all about the Christmas cards I have received this year and the design of the cards I am sending to my family members and closest friends. And guys, I really love Christmas cards a lot! Who doesn't like Christmas cards right? In my opinion, they are the best gifts to receive during Christmas!
Here are 5 main reasons (there are a lot more but too many to list out):
1) They don't take up much space for storage.
2) They are uber meaningful.
3) They make you smile :D
4) You can take them out and read them years after years and never get sick of reading them.
5) They make you feel that you're loved.
Alright, cut the story short, let me show you guys the cards I have gotten this week!
Let's start!
1) The first one is a Christmas postcard from Moe (China) !
I love this postcard so much that I have to use three exclamation marks to show how much I love it!!!
It's simple yet adorable. There's a puppy with a Christmas tree on its head and it's carrying a tons of Christmas presents on a rod. The illustration of the postcard gives me a nostalgic feeling, just like the pictures they have in my childhood storybooks.
 The back of the postcard. I really enjoy writing in Chinese and Moe is actually my first pen pal who I communicate in Chinese with. It is definitely a good opportunity to practice my Chinese.
2) A Christmas card from Marian (USA).
Look at the lovely handmade envelope guys! The envelope just shouts out : It's Christmas time!
 And here's the card! SNOWMAN!
I have never built a snowman before as it does not snow in Singapore. Therefore, I am really envious of you guys who actually have an opportunity to build a snowman.

 3) A  B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L card from Akiyo (Japan)!
Oh my goodness, this card literally took my breath away.
Just look at it.
The vibrant colours, the sparkly glitter and that's not all !
Wait for it...
It's a pop-up card with so many Santas!
Cuteness overload!
I love it!!!
4) Last but not least, a Christmas card from Ga Yeon (Korea)!
Although I love every single cards I have gotten but handmade cards are always the most meaningful, isn't it?
Think about the time your friend spent to make a card for you...
It's priceless.
A simple card yet with so much love...

It does not have to be fancy or expensive, this is good enough (:
That's it guys, these are the cards I have received currently.
I will post the pictures of the cards if I receive more of them and as well as the cards I am sending out to my local friends. 
Now for the design of the cards I am sending out to my colleagues and some close friends:
I have spent my day off today to think of the designs and to paint them out.
After some considerations, I have finalised my card's layout.
The card has a Christmas elf on it and I painted it with watercolours. 
The reason I painted elves is because I am an elf, not literally (of course!).
My colleagues actually refer me as a Christmas elf as I am just helping out at the store during the Christmas period just like how Christmas elves only help Santa during the Christmas period. My duties will end after Christmas, so here's a card to send my blessings to my colleagues and a way for them to remember me.
What do you guys think about the design? I will appreciate some feedbacks!

Finally ,to end this post, I just want to let you guys know that
I am very grateful to all of my friends who have sent me a card and I am really glad to have every single one of you as my friend.
(I'm getting emotional.)
I love you guys!
If you know anyone who's feeling down lately, send them a card to brighten up their day. It will mean a lot to them!

p.s. Here's the package for the giveaway winner (Caddi)!


  1. Oh, the card with the dog is sooo cute! And the idea with the elf-cards is great!
    I hope you're doing well (and I so much look forward to the package! :) It already looks amazing from a photo!)

  2. I love everything.! And especially the poscard from China!! I love Chinese writing! I didn't know you knew how to write in Chinese! You should do it in your next letter. ;) by the way I will write you soon.!!! xoxo

  3. You have a lot of cute Christmas card. You're very lucky!