Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rainy morning~

Hey everyone! It's a rainy Monday morning in Singapore. I adore rainy days as the weather in Singapore is usually unbearable hot (since it's a tropical climate). During rainy days, it will be more cooling which I like(; I haven't been doing much lately except to read my book (The Secret of happy ever after) and shop at etsy. Two more papers to go and I could have a short break. The two papers are biology and Arts. Well I do fear for my arts as it really requires a lot of work and recently I've lost confidence in my artwork, feeling that it's never good enough. But I still have to carry on with it, there aren't any choices for me.

So yesterday I went out with my mum and lil brother for dinner. We went to eat Chinese food and shopped around. We also bought some Chinese biscuits which is called "Tau Sar Pia". They are cookies with green bean paste in it. I will post the pictures of it below. So you guys have a lovely week ahead!

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