Saturday, May 12, 2012

A crazy day out after a huge blow!

So yesterday I've gotten back my Chinese paper! It was horrible! I did not fail but I definitely did not do well! I was so disappointed in myself! But I'm going to work hard from tomorrow onwards in order to do well in my college entrance exams!

Today, my best friend(Kexin) and I went out, it was actually the last outing before our exams in June so we have to play hard then study hard! I went to get some scrap booking paper! Got 40 of them! It was crazy! But I really couldn't help it, they were all on sales! And I also got some tapes(washi & fabric)! I can't be any more excited to start using them! I also got the longest receipt ever!

Then after our spree, we went to have lunch- Japanese beef bowls! I got the mushroom one while Kexin got the one
with tofu. We were also reminiscing our trip to china last year. That was the best memory of my secondary school life so far.It was an enjoyable day out! If everyday could be like this, I'll be the happiest person on earth!


  1. Hiya Gladys! I'm Bree from Malaysia and I'm a snailmail addict too! What a nice blog you have here! Am a follower now :)


    P.S. I can never score my Chinese paper too, last time in high school. I stopped taking the subject eventually. :) But I think that it's a great thing that I can speak and read Chinese! Keep trying! I'm sure that you can score!

  2. Hello Bree! How are you?(: thank you so much for commenting on my blog! You're actually the first one to comment on my blog and my first follower! I'm really delighted! And you're from Malaysia, my neighbouring country!

    I'm actually quite bad in Chinese but this time round I actually did so badly but I will have intensive revision until my exams start! Thank you for your encouragements! :)

    Sure! We could exchange stamps next time! And postcards too!(; thank you once again Bree!^^