Saturday, July 7, 2012

Goodbye doesn't mean forever...

Hello Everyone! I finally have got some time to do what I want, but I still have homework to do at night unfortunately :(  There is always so much things to be completed but so little time, don't you guys think so? Yesterday I had a crazy night out, I'm graduating from my high school this November and my juniors actually organised a farewell dinner/party for me and the graduating girls! :D  We ate pizzas, snapped a lot of photos and had so much fun together! I love them so much, really appreciate all the efforts they have put into the party.

 Right now, I am really feeling a bit ill, I think I caught a flu :( that's such a bummer!
I really hope that I will get well soon as there are so much homework and assignments to be completed!

Alright, so below are some of the photos during the party yesterday!(:

If you're wondering, that's not our school uniform but our Co-curriculum activity's attire.
Did I mention that we're from an International Organisation named The Girl's Brigade? It's like Girl's Scouts actually.

Dressing the graduating girls using newspapers. I will not post the photos of me being dressed up as it's too embarassing!

My girls also gave me a huge board with some messages and embarassing photos on it. And I'm just going to show the messages part XD

Although I'm leaving high school already but that does not mean that I'll never ever come back and visit you all! Don't worry, I'll return and visit you girls as oftenly as I can!
Thank You all for everything!

Now for the Letters Update


A package for Sara. The cute little purse is for her daughter,Anya.

This one is for Katie in the UK.


                                                          From Tiia in Finland

From my first and ever pen pal,Francesca! I love her so much!

She sent me some Italy Souvenirs!

Some postcards!

And my favourite - a long letter from Francesca!
We talk about almost everything in our life, sometimes I do feel like I've known her forever!

This is from Katie in the UK.

Isn't this a lovely stamp? But unfortunately it was a little torn when it arrived! I really have no idea how to salvage a torn stamp so i just taped it back together again.

Katie sent me my first Jack Union flag! Isn't that brilliant? It was used to decorate her house during the Diamond Jubilee! Now it's on my desk!

She have also sent me a flag which is used to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee! What a great keepsake!

I went to the Post Office some time ago and got all these great new stamps!

So right now, I've so many letters waiting for me to reply back!
I'll try and send them all by Monday if possible!

Lastly, I've been making my own notebooks for awhile now as it's a cheaper alternative and furthermore I couldn't find any vintage looking ones which I like so I thought, Yeah I'll make my own notebooks!

The middle and the right ones are my diaries while the first one on the left is my Word Bank book!

Alright! That's all for today's entry! I hope you guys enjoy your saturday and rest well for those who are exhausted, just like me (:


  1. Congratulations on graduating!

    Are you on holidays now?

    x Jasmine

    1. Thank you Jasmine! But I'm graduating in November! This is an early graduation party! I wish I am having my holidays now but I'm not! I will in November though!^^