Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another Sunday!

Hello Guys! Alright,I am going to cut all my blabberings and do a short but sweet post!
What am I up to recently? I am busy studying and rushing to finish up my artwork but today I went shopping with my mummy! (which is awesome!)  We went to have tea and to buy some clothings!
So below are the photos of what we did today!

My mum!

The scones were really good<3 But I don't want to lie , the macarons were really mushy and yucky!
Worst macarons ever!

Then we headed to the Japanese booths that sell seafood, croquette,  ramen and so many other pastries.


Look at what Mollie sent me!

I posted so many things this week but have forgotten to take photos so the photos below are the ones i managed to take photos of. OMG! And guys,guess what?! Remember the Harry Potter mail in my previous post? When I sent the letters in a big batch, I've forgotten to place stamps on the Harry Potter mail! Forgetful me! I only realised that the next day when I saw my Harry Potter bookmark while reading my book. T-T My mum told me the postman will send the letter back to me as I did write the Return Address but I'm so worry about it! I may be going to the post office to enquire tomorrow! Fingers crossed!



Lastly, I've gotten these products from Soap & Glory today! I've used S&G's Breakfast body scrub before and I actually enjoy using it so I'm trying another of their scrubs to see which one I like better. I managed to convince my mum to get the SEXY MOTHER PUCKER lip gloss as it will actually plump your lips and the smell is heavenly! I put it on just now and it does plumps up your lip,highly recommend this to people who are obessesed with lip gloss!<3

Oh and I got a free mini scrub from Sephora as I've spent more than $20 on S&G's product!
I was exhilarated when I got this as now I can try out another of their scrubs!

Other than S&G's product,I've also gotten some clothings from Dorothy Perkins! Can't wait to wear them when I go out with my friends! Don't you guys think that shopping is the best thing ever to de-stress?

Alright, I'll end my blog post here! Btw,I have actually won the Liebster Award! Bree gave the award to me, I'll do the blog entry another day I promise! Thanks Bree!

Enjoy your Sunday peepo!


  1. I felt hungry when I saw a photo of all those good things! Yum! You're snail mail is really beautiful. I keep my fingers crossed for your potter mail! It will arrive safely for sure.

    Best wishes!

  2. I got your letter today. :) I'll be sure to reply soon!